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Sep 10, 2012
As per Shane's suggestion, here we go!!


First three are from 2011-2013, Verbolten is 2012-2013 (as far as I know).


This is the new BGW logo design for 2013.

Post your ticket designs from over the years here. :cool:
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I've got an Ireland Opening Year (01') somewhere around here. Once I find it what's the best way to upload the image so it shows up in the post. I rarely do images on the site - learning on a curve here.

Instead of using the QUICK REPLY text box, hit the button for NEW REPLY. Then you should see towards the bottom where you can browse and add attachments. You can also INSERT them into a specific place in your post. There are other things to do if you really want to get fancy. Hope that helps.
SeaWorld 4/2012 but I have seen this one used at BGW as well for Picnic Coupons and QuickQueue sometimes:

Dated 12/31/2011:

No Date but it was from 2011 or 2012:
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You are so right. Now I remember - they went through a phase where each country had a passport. Cool/great idea by the way...

Thanks - learn something new everyday.

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Here is a set of 3 cards we got for having to walk down LNM's lift when we got stuck in 2006. EACH of the 4 of us got all 3 of these cards. The white sides are the backs, the blue side is the front for all.



  • 2006 LNM Apologies (2006).JPG
    2006 LNM Apologies (2006).JPG
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  • 2013 Griffon Apologies.jpg
    2013 Griffon Apologies.jpg
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I remember the summer nights pass! I always wanted it because it had Imaginique on it. They only did those passes once, didn't they? And the pass was only good after 4pm.

I have these, plus a few that have already been shown.


  • CIMG6842.JPG
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  • Snapshot_20130817.JPG
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  • CIMG6844.JPG
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Can we put tix of other kinds in here?

Here are parking tickets from 2004. Right to left, older to newer. I guess they were out of BG ones for the second ticket. And yes, that is $6.00 for Preferred Parking.



  • Parking.jpg
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  • Hang Tags.jpg
    Hang Tags.jpg
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