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Sep 5, 2010
So, I've recently been lurking the forums over at therpf, which is a community of media memorabilia fans who make their own (extremely high quality) replica props, costumes, sculpts, etc. It got me thinking...

Are there any Busch Gardens props/set pieces/costumes that would be cool to recreate?

Off the top of my head, I go straight to the Clancy puppet from Castle O'Sullivan, but I'm sure you guys can come up with other park props you like to own a quality recreation of. How 'bout it?

[btw, this is not an offer to actually build the stuff. I might do so if the mood strikes, but this is more of an ideas thread]
That's a cool idea, actually. I saw a guy on the forums who made a full size Falcon there's someone who can do it, haha.
I would put the huge German boy with the umbrella that used to be in Rhinefield in my yard for Halloween. Now THAT would scare some kids.
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Random thought, they have all the construction plans I wonder if they could ever be convinced to input the plans and set it up for 3D printers.

Imagine printing out the wolf statue from the Dark Kastle que at home!

Even if they wouldn't do it for at home 3D printers it would be pretty easy to send the plans in to a manufacture and get them made out of plastic for a reasonable price.
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Haberdasher1973 said:
I've often thought they should do department 56 style versions of the park's iconic buildings for Christmas...

Ehh, I'm not a big fan of Christmas, so I would just want their normal season appearances.
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