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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011
PLEASE NOTE: The images on this page are experiencing unexpected issues which will not allow you to view them. I will try to fix this issue as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Just like Chickenking's thread for Busch Gardens, I will work on keeping this thread up to date with the menus and pricing offered at Kings Dominion for 2014. Below is a near-complete list of Kings Dominion's food offerings for 2014!














And now to totally copy what CK said about BGW...

Joe's Protips for good eatin' at the park:

- Breakfast can be enjoyed at Cinnabon and Starbucks on International Street all day long!

- Water is available for free everywhere in the park.  Complimentary cups are available (just ask) or use your own cup.

- Soft-serve ice cream shops are located in Candy Apple Grove (Sweet Tooth), Planet Snoopy (Chik-Fil-A), and Water Works (Chik-Fil-A). 

- Rita's Italian Ice & Custard is available at the restaurant on International Street, as well as at many stands throughout the park.

- ICEE dispensers are located at many restaurants throughout the park. ICEE Mix It Up stations are located in Candy Apple Grove and Safari Village.

- Bypass waiting in line for drink refills by using shops with self-serve fountain drink machines.  Locations of self-serve fountain drink machines: Candy Apple Grove - Juke Box Diner, and Safari Village - Trail's End Grill.

- Boardwalk Fries have taken over the park.  Everywhere you go there's a good chance you will run into them.  They're really the best French fries you'll ever taste. Look for the various themed stands all over the park. You can choose either a small or large bucket, but be aware that the large bucket gets you much more for only a few extra cents. If you're sharing with a few friends or family members, the large bucket is definitely necessary. Be sure to garnish your fries with the complimentary seasonings and vinegar. Yum, yum, yum! The stands also sell frozen treats (including a chocolate-covered frozen banana) and Coke products. The Water Works location also sells nachos and cheese. Be sure to grab a bucket! The International Street location is one of the best; just sit at one of the shady tables by the fountains and relax.

- Don't automatically assume that whatever is listed on the menu with a given entree is what you have to get on your plate.  If you don't like something, like one of the sides, ask for any substitutions.  There will generally be offered one or two choices. Many restaurants simply give you the choice up front, such as Country Kitchen at Old Virginia. Most restaurants offer fries, apples, applesauce, or graham cracker snacks for kids. Some offer coleslaw, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, biscuits, or green beans.

- Johnny's should be avoided at all costs. This hot dog and burger stand is one of the only restaurants to serve routinely bad food. EDIT: Johnny's is no more. I have not tried its replacement, "Dinner Bell," although the new restaurant has a different menu than its predecessor. Don't write it off yet.

- Sweet Frog has a full-out frozen yogurt shop in the middle of Planet Snoopy. Here you can dispense and mix and match your favorite frozen yogurt and dress it up with as many toppings as you like. You pay for the weight of your treat. Be aware that, being at a theme park, the price is much loftier than what you would find at your local Sweet Frog- almost double the price per ounce, actually.

- Trail's End Grill has a not-so-hidden gem within. This sandwich-centered restaurant features two fixin's bars, complete with onions, tomatoes, and pickles. Yum, yum, yum! You're probably not supposed to do this, but my favorite thing to do after I finish my sandwich is put some tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, and malt vinegar on my plate and create a makeshift salad. EDIT: This restaurant is now called The Hungry Hippo, although its food offerings and atmosphere are essentially unchanged.

- The park's largest restaurants tend to offer the best food. Try Country Kitchen in Old Virginia for country fare, Hungry Hippo in Safari Village for burgers and sandwiches, and Outer Hank's for in Safari Village for seafood. All three are very good choices, and they offer great atmosphere.

- Entertainment during your meal can be found at the Juke Box Diner in Candy Apple Grove, with outdoor tables just across the way from the Grove Stage's country and karaoke shows. Panda Express and Tower Pizza both offer tables by the Grande Bandstand on International Street, and Sweet Frog has tables adjacent to the Peanuts Playhouse stage.

- Be sure to check out the large fish pond Country Kitchen's outdoor patio overlooks. You can purchase fish food for 25 cents from the vending machines installed on the patio.

- Pizza is sold at many places throughout the park. Tower Pizza on International Street and Victoria's Pizza in Candy Apple Grove offer the best pizza.

- Five chain restaurants can be found at the park: Subway - Candy Apple Grove, Panda Express - International Street, Sweet Frog - Planet Snoopy, and Chik-Fil-A - Planet Snoopy & Water Works.

- WaterWorks features two restaurants: Sharky's, serving salads, nachos, and sandwiches; and Chik-Fil-A. There is also a Boardwalk Fries location in the middle of WaterWorks.

- Dippin' Dots, frozen lemonade, cotton candy, and funnel cake can be found at various stands and locations throughout the park.

Restaurants by Cuisine
- Chinese: Panda Express - International Street
- American (i.e. burgers, fries): Juke Box Diner - Candy Apple Grove, Johnny's - Candy Apple Grove, Kilimanjaro Chicken Shack - Safari Village, Trail's End Grill - Safari Village, Subway - Candy Apple Grove, Chik-Fil-A - Candy Apple Grove & Water Works, Sharky's - WaterWorks, and Wayside Grill - Old Virginia.
- Country fare: Country Kitchen - Old Virginia, Old Virginia Barbecue Pit & Grill - Old Virginia
- Mexican: Border Cafe - International Street
- Pizza: Tower Pizza - International Street, Victoria's Pizza - Candy Apple Grove

Allergy & Special Food Needs Notes
- Gluten-free foods, vegetarian & vegan options, sugar-free foods, and Kosher choices are available at many restaurants. Be sure to talk to your server. Click here for more information on food for those with allergy and dietary restrictions.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more!

And thanks to CK for providing this template! :p
I can't recall how they are set up at KD, but at the one in Pentagon City Mall they sell sandwiches, drinks, and fries. Totally a real restaurant!
I can't tell if you're trying to argue or are just adding to the Boardwalk Fries discussion, but either way thanks for the info. Again, I point out that these fries cannot be missed!
I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to make it to the park this weekend to get pictures of all the menus, but I realized this morning that a lot of the park's restaurants utilize TV's to display their menus. So, don't kill me if the quality isn't great. I'll see what I can do... ;)
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Maybe take pictures, and then type the menus and prices on here that way you won't have to worry about the quality of the picture. Then again, I've tried this and it can get very tedious.
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It's certainly something I can ask for, but no guarentees. I took a few pictures of menu's Sunday. Sadly, this week has been crazy busy for me and I haven't been able to post them. I'll see what I can do later tonight.
Thank you, Joe, for posting all those menues. I appreciate all your hard work. Are all the sandwiches and entrees that are priced as combo meals also available a la carte? How much is typically taken off when a drink is not purchased?
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