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Apr 22, 2019
Perhaps stupidly, I bought us season meal plans (basic) since they were on sale for dirt cheap. I've heard the food is ... not so good..., but is there any decent stuff to pick from that are on the plan? I mean I like corndogs and those are kind of hard to screw up, so there's that. But anything else any of you would suggest to try? Anything specific to avoid?
The food isn't really that bad. In fact, in some cases it is better than KD and even BGW, in our experience. We have also found the dining plan to be a great deal, especially, when we have used it at other Six Flags parks.

We usually eat at the Saloon and/or Chop Six. The holiday menu at the Saloon is definitely worth trying.
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I think the basic plan can't be used at other SF parks. I do plan to go to Great Adventure at least once, but I'll just have to pay for food there. Oh well. It was only $35 for the basic plan, so that seemed like a no-brainer. I will try the Saloon and Chop Six for sure then. Thanks.

My thinking was we'd do some trips where we'd spend the morning at SFA, and then drive on to KD for the rest of the day. So the basic plan will work for that (it only gets you lunch and a snack).
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If it works for Holiday in the Park, be sure to try the special menu at the Saloon, as well.
I tried the pulled pork at the Saloon. It wasn't bad, although next time I'd skip the hamburger roll (which just got soggy and gross) and eat it with a fork. The mac and cheese wasn't bad either. The best thing I got, though, by far was a Rita's ice as a snack. That tasted sooooo good in the heat. Line was ridiculously slow for it, though.
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I finally made it back to SFA and tried out Chop Six. The line was longish and moved slow, but I was pleasantly surprised with it. It was a pretty decent kung pao chicken and even was spicy, which I wasn't expecting. Not a bad way to use your meal plan for sure. I was going to get a Rita's again, but that line moves so ridiculously slow that I abandoned it and tried to get a milkshake at Coffee & Cones (or Cones & Coffee, whichever it is), but damn if the shake machine wasn't broken. Boo. Got an ice cream cookie sandwich which was good, but wasn't what I really wanted.
Yesterday I learned that you can't trust the dining plan flyer. It doesn't list the mexican place as an option for the meal plan, but their menu shows that the meal plan is accepted there for almost everything. I saw this too late, but next time we'll try their food.
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