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Sep 10, 2012
Webster's Definition of COURTESY:
"Behavior marked by polished manners or respect for others."

If ever I decide to discontinue my annual pass it will be because of my increasing frustration with the behavior of other people in the park. We live in an age where almost everyone seems to have an overwhelming sense of entitlement. People act like they own whatever location they are visiting, and show little care or regard for others.

My number one irritant is the way people walk on what I consider to be the wrong side of the pathways. We are in America, and just like roadways, we stay to the right. I seem to always be caught up in meeting groups coming towards me who are either on the wrong side or taking up the entire pathway. It makes my blood boil! Especially when I have my daughter with me. Often times these people will not move over, they will instead turn or contort their bodies to "slide" around me, often bumping me in the process. Keeping in mind that I am usually as far to the right as I can be. It is not just selfish teens, it is men, women, mommies with strollers, etc. Everyone seems to do this. Don't believe it? Just look what happens at a railroad crossing when the gates go up. Cluster *^%%! Why can't we all just STAY TO THE RIGHT?!?!

After thinking about it way too much, I was willing to concede that this is BGW "Europe", and maybe some fools think that they have to stay to the left. But no, that doesn't work either cause these same people are all over the paths. Maybe I am getting to be too old. Am I becoming a curmudgeon? I never thought that I would. I have always thought of myself as a super-polite guy with nothing but respect and regard for others...and EXPECT that in return. Maybe I should quit worrying about it and just go with the flow.

NOOOOO!!!!! I cannot. Instead, I shall use my height and size to its potential. Maybe I can just lock my arms in place, making myself stiff as a rolling boulder, bouncing all of these rude people this way and that. If that is not enough, I can just stick my elbows out. That will clear some room to my left surely. Is that rude of me? Should I care? After having some idiots practically run over my daughter...I don't think that I care much anymore either.

People, avoid getting bruised by running into my extended elbows as I stay as far as I can to the right on the pathways. Please...please, stay to the right.
[/rant] (for now)

Other topics with RANTS coming soon:
-Wheelchairs & ECVs
-Stopping in the middle of the paths in a crowd
-Standing in the middle of the paths in a crowd
-Walking way too slow in a large crowd
-Taking too much time for pictures, blocking the pathway
-Disregard for someone taking pictures
-Smoking in non-smoking areas
-Walking through the shrubbery/flower beds
-Water Blasters (for some BGW Fan buddies)
A) F*** Strollers. Period.

I get what your saying regarding the paths, but I will admit that I will use the other side of the path as a passing lane if you will. Just like real streets, old people and people with strollers go so slow that they block traffic, and there have been plenty of times we have a show to be to in a few minutes. I will have no problem going into oncoming traffic to get around these people.
You are not wrong at all! I am not old...shuddup! But I agree, that is my biggest issue! The biggest problems are from teenagers and frat boys! You know who they are, if you were in a frat, that doesn't make you a "frat boy"...The pink polo with the collar popped, backwards visor, flip flops that cost $50 and khaki shorts...MAY DIMEBAG DARRELL and JEFF HANNEMAN smite them!

"Frat Boy": see Douchebag
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Pretzel Kaiser said:
I get what your saying regarding the paths, but I will admit that I will use the other side of the path as a passing lane if you will.
I do this myself. As long as you're not running over anyone and moving back over afterwards it is fine.
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I have to agree with you on the way folks stroll around the park. We all know our society has certainly changed over the years and Busch Gardens is just a small example of this.

Personally I don't think the folks who stop in a group in the middle of pathways are even aware they are causing a block nor do they care. They are on vacation and feel as if they paid to be on the park and can do as they please. I think when we witness teenagers acting up in the park its just the fact that are teenagers searching for their own identity. Lets face it some adults are just as bad if not worse.

I truly believe that we as park regulars hold ourselves up to a higher standard in the way we dress and act while in the park and wish that others would do the same. Our view of the park is completely different than the views of a one time park attendees.

I try not to judge others while at the park but lets face it we are not all the same and never will be. When we go to we try to relax and understand that folks will do as they please and try to enjoy our time with as little problems as we can.

I have seen a similar change at Walt Disney world over the years, people who will drop trash on the ground or into the flower beds or in a lake. People today are simply into their own private lives and don't care about others around them. How many times do you seen folks glued to mp3 players or their cell phones not interacting with anyone around them. These folks go through life connected to a machine to make them happy. I don't think this will be changing anytime soon.

I do understand your rant and agree with you. I can only hope by my actions and my families that others may learn how to act in public.

Eric M
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I remember a member posting a picture during Christmas Town, when the park painted lines on the bridge for Holiday Hills, people *naturally* for the most part stayed to the right side. I think it is a subconscience thing, sticking to the right. Although, you must take in account these are mainly guests and tourists that visit for a day or two and leave. That kind of group expects to be tailored to as much as possible because when your a host in your own home and have a guest don't you try to treat them the best and make your house look the nicest? Then you haven teens and the 20 somethings that are there for a few days and think that it is their time to at wild and do whatever they want because all that matters is their fun and happiness.

I fully understand your point CK, and I have learned a thing or two about getting through said crowds quickly over the past few years visiting the park. I go all over the pathway just to get around people and through the crowd quickly, if it is super busy. If the crowd is not too bad I typically stay to the right, or closer to the middle because like I said it is probably a subconscience thing, no lines means the pathway is one way, your way.
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Folks staying to the right.

There is THE TREE!!

I think there was a noticeable improvement with people staying to the right with the lines on the path. But would you really want to see these things all over the park?
I could care less about a yellow line in the middle of the path that nobody cares about. The only place it would bother me is England I think that might look a little weird.
It really doesn't matter where you go, you'll still find people walking all over the pathways. It doesn't just happen at BGW, but at the mall, on the street, at the beach, etc.

I don't really let stuff like that bug me in the end. Its a minor inconvenience at most. If they choose to go on the wrong side of the path, let them bump into the mob of ECVs and strollers (in the park at least) that crowd the pathways. I've even walked on the wrong side a few times, although I find it a LOT easier to walk with traffic than walk against it.

- I will say walking all over the pathways is a good way to get around slow walkers, huge groups of people, and the aforementioned ECVs/strollers at times. Especially on busy days.
I'm with BGWScream. It is just when people have a problem and do not say excuse me or I'm sorry when they bump into you. That does seem to be an issue these days.

My pet peeve is when a group of people have to walk in a single line across and walk slow. When you try to say excuse me to pass them, they just glare and don't move. That is frustrating. This is not a game of Red Rover Red Rover people- if it is- I will break through the stupid line. Trust me.
I could care less about the ones who are weaving in and out and around others. I am specifically talking about the groups, large and small, who force me into a position of playing "chicken" with them. You see them, they see you, you are to the right. Common sense would seem to dictate who should move over or give way. This happens primarily with younger guests, but old ladies and mommies with strollers have challenged my position on many occasions. Being the nice guy that I am, if I feel a collision is imminent, I just stop until they make a choice. Still, I have had some who will try and slink their way around me without actually moving over. Wow!!
Speaking of RED ROVER Nora, that is exactly what it feels like. If I can't find my break when patiently waiting, I just say EXCUSE ME in my caveman voice to get their attention. That usually does the trick.

BGWScream said:
It doesn't bother me either unless somebody knocks me down and doesn't apologize for it.

Have you actually been knocked down? Wow!! You need to come roll with me and ctnoutlaw. My daughter has been run over several times and ... I... HULKED UP!!!! Nobody messes with my baby. I may let having my foot and leg being backed into repeatedly by strollers go, but messin' with my baby is mess in' wit yo life!
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