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Apr 29, 2011
Yes this ride was initially announced as a 2021 attraction but I just got word that it has been pushed back a year because the park is facing a few environmental issues and hurdles with its construction. I'll post more details when I find out more info about this.

Here's a rendering of Toutatis. The park's upcoming coaster for 2023.

I'm curious to see how the top hat and back half of the layout will interact with their giant Mack bobsled La Trace du Hourra and I do like how the launches will be integrated into the midway so we can watch them up close.


Some Stats:

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Clearing for Toutatis is underway.



I visited this park back in 2016 and really enjoyed it. The hotel on site is really nice and the dinner buffet was really good with a nice selection of wine. This will just be another excuse to visit France again.
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This layout looks absolutely stunning. This ride has been flying under the radar a bit but it looks like a winner

This will be the largest expansion in Parc Astérix' history (around $32 million).. In addition to the coaster they are building a playground and a new quick service restaurant. Also the queue will meander underneath their gigantic Mack bobsled La Trace du Hourra.
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