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Apr 12, 2012
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Paramount to build Hollywood themed park in England,5-billion-theme-park-for-south-east-England

Hate to post so many threads but this is pretty big news! Apparently Paramount is getting back into theme parks with this Hollywood themed park in England. This says It will have Europe's largest waterpark but I highly doubt that since in Germany their is one in an iold airship hanger! It will take 6 years to build and their may be another paramount park being built in Spain.
RE: Paramount to build Hollywood themed park in England

So in spite of the announcement, people all over the internet are still cautiously optimistic about the whole thing. There are just too many loose ends right now that are up in the air. They need government approval, many more investors, and the fact that Paramount doesn't have a theme park creative division to work on blue-sky concepts. Apparently they want to compete with disneyland paris on this project. While Paramount does have endless attraction worthy IPs, it's not only the franchises that matter, but the execution of their theme park counterpart.
RE: Paramount to build Hollywood themed park in England

I wish paramount had never sold KD. HUGE news though!
RE: Paramount to build Hollywood themed park in England

Viacom split into CBS and another form of Viacom in 2006 and the original KECO parks (KD, KI, both CWs, and CGA) were slapped with CBS who thought that the parks were dead weight to their interests, so they sold them. The only park to stay under Viacom's wing from the stunt was Terra Mitica in Spain.

These latest park expansions are from the Viacom side, not the CBS side. It would also be nice to point out that there has been 4 proposed parks from all of this and 2 have been downright dead/cancelled (Korea, Dubai) while the other two haven't gotten much steam besides media publicity (Spain and Britain). I think they're just shopping for investors willing to hop on thanks to the media reaction in Britain, which was absolutely staggering.

This project is 6 years up the pipeline. There's a hell of a lot that can get in the way and bring this to a screeching halt, like it has much steam at the moment anyways...

EDIT: Well I must've crossed up my info somehow. Terra Mitica was dropped by Paramount in 2004, well before the rest of their parks.
So you may have read about the many many Paramount Parks (not the ones now owned by Cedar Fair) that are proposed and or planned around the world from Korea to Dubia and Spain; so I was skeptical when Paramount Park London was announced. Well it looks like Paramount Park London may be the first and only one to actually open!

It looks like the guy to made the London Olympics a financial success is going to be the one to make Paramount Park London happen.

Check it out below:
10 December 2012

The London 2012 chief who helped raise £2 billion towards the cost of the Games has been given the job of getting a “British Disneyland” project off the ground.

Chris Townsend, the commercial director at London 2012 organiser Locog, has been appointed to the same role to create a £2 billion theme park in Kent for Paramount Pictures to open by 2018. Mr Townsend this week begins talks with City investors to raise debt and equity funding for the project on an 872-acre site on the Swanscombe peninsula near Ebbsfleet.

He has been appointed by London Resort Company Holdings, a development vehicle which has signed a deal with

Hollywood-based Paramount for an exclusive licence in the UK. He told the Standard: “Post-Olympics it’s probably going to be the country’s biggest and most exciting regeneration project. The UK doesn’t have a destination on this scale and the closest to us is Eurodisney in Paris.

“There’s real support at a local level and a lot of interest from potential investors. I’m confident that this stands a very good chance of happening but it is a tough market. The UK needs big regeneration projects to kick-start the economy and this will be a substantial tourism destination not just for the UK but for Europeans.”

The theme park will feature Paramount brands such as Star Trek and there will be water parks, cinemas and live music venues. Mr Townsend said: “It will be taking the best of Paramount and bringing it to life.”

He said most funding would be in place next year, triggering a planning application. LRCH said the park would create 27,000 jobs. Transport links are key to its success with a 17-minute rail journey from Ebbsfleet to St Pancras, new Crossrail links and proximity to the M25.

Mr Townsend said the Olympic commercial programme was the “most successful of any Games” having raised £2.4 billion through sponsorship, broadcast, ticket and merchandise revenues. He has just returned from the Olympic debrief to 2016 host Rio and said it was “in good shape”.

Source: London Evening Standard
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