Paramount Coaster List

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Nov 1, 2012
Say what you want about Paramount, but they really did massively expand KD’s coaster lineup. I never realized how few coasters the park had this early into the Paramount ownership.
Yes, Paramount did expand the coaster count. The issue for me was that many of these PKD coasters were prototypes with one or more of the following issues: low capacity, poor reliability, and a short ride circuit.

Paramount's Hypersonic XLC and Volcano are now in the wastebasket. Only 2 of the four Paramount era coasters are still here (FOF and Stunt Coaster). Course, Shockwave was a KECO era coaster removed 4-5 years ago; King Kobra and the Galaxy coaster were removed in the mid-late 1980's by KECO to be replaced by the Anaconda (1991) and Shockwave (1986).
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