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So is Charon's Journey gonna be more of a dark ride-type attraction or just paddle boats in Pompeii's splash pool?

I think instead of turning Pompeii into a stage/theater, convert it into a two story dark ride sorta like Disneyland's Indiana Jones. That way the park can keep its E-ticket attraction without losing one. The building can be expanded on if there isn't enough room in there already. If the park decides to keep Deadline back there, just add an area in the back for a queue line and have it go underneath the dark ride portion.

The park already has one under-utilized theater. No point in adding another.

Not a bad idea, although I'm more partial to Zach's.
netdvn said:
The park already has one under-utilized theater. No point in adding another.

Not a bad idea, although I'm more partial to Zach's.

Actually, the reason why this theater wouldn't be under-utilized is because it will be indoors and can host more story based shows. RPT is under-utilized because of it being outside, you have to worry about the weather and if light effects will be seen properly. Also, they host concerts and competitions there. The park needs more theaters for proper shows like Abbeystone. Am I the only one who thinks it's sad that being an thrills based park that Kings Dominion has more shows? We only have four. We are in desperate need of more.

Yes, it would just be paddle boats in Pompeii's pool area. The reason why is because paddle boats are a fun and interesting ride that is different from other rides in the park. Kids will love it as well as some young adults. Plus, this way they can keep the pool and not have to make too many changes all at once. It would definitely be something new to bring people to. After all, they don't need to open a huge e-ticket attraction when they open the country up. Look at Ireland. Just a simple little simulator. Definitely not a huge ticket attraction but it worked!
San Marco theater sits outdoors and never sits unused. Concerts and competitions can be moved back to the Festhaus Park. Plus the park is repurposing the Globe, so we'll have enough indoor shows to go around for now.

The park still classifies EITA/Corkscrew Hill as a "major" attraction, so I think Pompeii should be replaced with another major attraction. Otherwise this just becomes an area to pass through.
The San Marco Theater is still used because it is more than just a theater, it is also a dinning area. Concerts and competitions will never be moved unless they decide to build an amphitheater elsewhere. Oh wow five shows that is so amazing, what if, wait for it, what if we had 6! That is totally like double the shows we have for Howl-o-Scream. We need more!

And if that rinky dink little simulator counts as a major attraction, so can a paddle boat attraction.
To be honest, I think the park does need another Abbeystone-like indoor theater. Mix it Up, Dig it Up, and Miracles all feel like they deserve a better venue than they have now. I'd much prefer 1 or 2 person acts like Art Attack in San Marco with larger stage shows like Dig it Up and Miracles in an inclosed theater somewhere else on that side of the park. It's also worth noting that there are plenty of times when Il Teatro di San Marco have to be cancelled due to weather. Moving those shows indoors would fix that problem. Also, quite honestly, I hardly ever watch anything in Il Teatro di San Marco. If it was indoors and climate controlled, that would change dramatically.
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