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Sep 4, 2011
So I know this is another post for me tonight, but here is a question. I started taking pictures of things that might go unnoticed around the park. Do you have pictures of things that are small that might go unnoticed that you find interesting. Maybe you can post here and it could be a thread that creates a sort of scavenger hunt.

Any way here are a few i have come up with. If you know where they are (without cheating and looking at the answers by clicking on the photos) post your answers here.

Chicken by LVnative, on Flickr

Adolphus by LVnative, on Flickr

Metal Bird by LVnative, on Flickr

Funny looking guy by LVnative, on Flickr
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Oh the first one is a chicken in France, by the ice cream shop La Grande Glacé I believe.

The second is on the fountain in Rhinefeld, Germany.

The third I am guessing is from the Wild Reserve in the garden area behind the aviary.
Here's one that I didn't notice until a few weeks ago.



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