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Jun 10, 2010
Dinwiddie County, VA
Just wanted to give a big shout out to the park for excellent service, and I didn't find a thread I thought really fit.  

DH and I were at the park the weekend after Preview and Opening Day.  He was wearing a baseball cap.  On the major rides like the coasters he sticks it in his back pocket and sits on it.  Well, you guessed it, after we'd been there a while he realized he was sans cap.  We narrowed it down to probably having left it on Griffon.  We went back and checked at the station -- no luck.  Went on about our day but did remember to stop at lost and found on our way out.  I got tapped to do the customer satisfaction survey and DH went to check on the cap.  It had not been found but he left a description and our address -- it was a Colonial Downs cap BTW but he certainly didn't have his name sewn in it or anything like that.:-3  He was sorry to have lost it but certainly no priceless item, and we figured that was that.

Well, guess what came in the mail yesterday?  The cap, neatly boxed.  I'm very impressed with the park and want to give them huge kudos and thanks for taking the time to return the hat.  Like I said, it was no high dollar item nor priceless family treasure, though he is happy to have it back.  But I am beyond impressed they took the time and resources to match the cap to his report and mail it to us.

THANK YOU and KUDOS for outstanding customer care, BGW.
That's wonderful! How long did it take in total for the cap to come back in the mail? I'm hoping very much that the glasses I mentioned in the other thread come back the same way! :X Here's to hoping!
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I've lost two things at BGW.  The first was my cell phone.  Someone turned in the phone and the park mailed it to me securely with no charge.  I left my bag one day at the San Marco theater that had my little wolf plush in it.  When I came back the bag was was gone and I thought someone must have taken it.  One of the ladies that worked there said they found it when sweeping.  She retrieved it for me and I was reunited with my pup.

The park really does a great job with Lost Items, especially when it is us that loses them to begin with.    

My Wolf thanks the folks at Busch Gardens for keeping him safe and sound.



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Just as a side note, when items get lost in the park and team members find them, they turn them into security who takes them to Lost & Found. As a rule of thumb, anything that is worth under $25 will probably never make it to Lost and Found or it will make its way there very slowly. If it is something more expensive, things tend to make their way to lost and found quicker. Things like cheap hats, socks, hair tie, etc and things they don't pay too much attention to. They mainly focus on the expensive designer sunglasses, cell phones, wallets, credit cards, and similar items.

Those who have had smaller items with lesser value returned to them are lucky. I will be writing up a Lost & Found tip section in my info threads soon, keep an eye out.
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