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Can I toss more praise in the direction of the Aquitaine Village Band? Saw them again yesterday and they really are fantastic.

Also, on that note, does anyone know if the Killarney Village Band is still doing performances during IllumiNights and, if so, any idea around what times? I really need to get a video of them as well.
A few things I found out about the Aquitaine Village Band today:

- They originally wanted to change up the songs for Illuminights, but it was reverted to the old ones at the last minute
- The group is an "alternate" or "subordinate" Illuminights show; they play during the same times as the Italy and Ireland shows (5:30, 6:30, 8:00, 9:00)
- Sadly, the current plan is to pull the band once Illuminights ends
I think that's all the park needs. I'm hoping Illuminights will get the boot next year. I would like for them to do things in the style of Summer Nights in Tampa. That way,we would get to see the park the way it should be, just with more street performances, and fireworks only on the weekends.
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