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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
RE: Smaller BGT Special Events 2014

World Giraffe Day at Busch Gardens Tampa

- When: June 21st, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
- Where: Edge of Africa

Animal care staff will have giraffe artifacts and information, along with special enrichment events throughout the day. The event celebrated the first World Giraffe Day, in an effort to raise awareness the crisis in Africa threatening giraffes' survival. There are only around 80,000 giraffes left in the wild, and habitat loss is threatening them further.

For more information, visit the park's blog post announcing the event.
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RE: Smaller BGT Special Events 2014

World Elephant Day at Busch Gardens Tampa

- When: Saturday, August 9th
- Where: Animal Care Center & Asian Elephant Habitat in Nairobi

Busch Gardens has announced they will be celebrating World Elephant Day at the park with special events on August 9th. Details are yet to be released, but the park's recent blog article teases things like a behind-the-scenes tour and a special dining experience.
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RE: Smaller BGT Special Events 2014

Since the elephant tour seems to have disappeared again, this could be very cool.
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RE: Smaller BGT Special Events 2014

Physics Day at Busch Gardens Tampa

- When: Friday, December 5, 2014
- Where: Multiple Locations in Park


Note: The event and its activities are available only to those groups of students signed up to participate. However, some of the activities are viewable by regular park guests as well. The event is geared towards middle and high school aged students, and does result in a boost to the regular weekday crowd level when it takes place.

From the park's website:

The park will open one hour early on December 5, 2014 exclusively for Physics Day students. Physics students will get one hour of exclusive park ride time, interactive physics stations located around the park, plus a live physics interactive show. Accelerometers are mounted on select rides. Students will have the unique opportunity to experience our world class roller coasters and make some of their physics calculations without having to wait in line.

Enhance your students' educational experience by visiting our Interactive Activity and Demonstrations Stations. Measure bite force, take a closer look at 'super' abilities and estimate the speed of a variety of animals. Plan approximately 20 minutes for each station.

Activity Stations:

Station 1: This Bites - Students will learn the physics behind the bite force of some of the world’s strongest carnivores.
Station 2: I Feel the Need for Speed - Students will learn how to clock an animal’s speed by measuring it‘s body and stride lengths.
Station 3: The Physics of Superman - Students will take a closer look at the biomechanics of animal movement and discover what it would take for humans to have the same physical abilities, particularly the ability of flight.

Demonstration Stations:

Station 4: The Power of Oobleck - Students gain “hands-in” knowledge of this and other mysterious non-newtonian fluids to learn about their unique properties that seem to defy Newton’s Laws.
Station 5: That's How We Roll - Explore conservation of energy and magnetic braking through hands-on challenges at this SheiKra® station.

For additional information or to make inquiries, visit the park's website.

Orangutan Joy's 40th Birthday at Busch Gardens Tampa

- When: Tuesday, November 11th at 12:15 p.m.
- Where: Orangutan Outpost in Jungala

From the park's blog:

Joy is the oldest orangutan living at Busch Gardens, and as our “matriarch,” or dominant female, acts as a caretaker for our other orangutans. Joy is always playing “mom” to not only her son, Willie, but also to Luna and Indra, the other members of her group. Keepers will be stationed at the Orangutan Outpost from 12-2:30 pm to answer your questions. Join us to celebrate “Mama Joy’s” birthday by signing her card, enjoying cake, and learning how orangutans throw a party!

For more information on Joy and Orangutan Caring Week, which runs November 10 - 16, 2014, visit the park's blog.
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