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Mar 8, 2022
Martinsburg, WV
While that's probably true, to me the crazier thing is that it was basically another Action Park ride design situation - little to no practical engineering expertise involved compared to the intent for high thrills.

Ironically is that AP seemed to have more deaths attributed to off-the-shelf engineered attractions (grave pool, kayak experience) over the multiple injuries from poorly designed rides, unlike Veruckt that killed one of it's first guests...
Verruckt opened in 2014 and the death didn't occur until 2016. Aside from scrapes and bruises the ride operated fairly well. It wasn't until the brake pad wore away and the park ignored the issue rather than replacing it that more serious injuries started happening more rapidly. Yes, the engineering was a shit show and the "designers" deserved to be held accountable for that but there was a much bigger issue of park neglect in the death than there was the design of the ride.

Honestly though, I don't think AP was anything related to the same type of thing of these other serious accidents. AP was a lot more the 90s than people realize -- more so being a product of it's time than anything. Nothing was a traditional amusement park ride in the park and I would equate it closer to a playground or skate park than anything else. Granted, it was a much more extreme version of those things but the mindset of both operators and visitors was very different than those involved with Schliterabahn and Free Fall.


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Jun 16, 2013
The thing though is that the accident was international news - how would any new location be able to deal with the PR nightmare of the tower that some kid fell off of and died
Maybe Six Flags will buy it they have a fair amount of experience in that area.
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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
Maybe Six Flags will buy it they have a fair amount of experience in that area.

More their own rides killing guests, not buying rides that have already done so.

No major park would be willing to shoulder the PR nightmare of the ride but a small to mid-size independent park would love to have something like this. Look at how the Knott's Windseeker found second life.
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