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Feb 12, 2011
I had a feeling this show was coming. It debuted at Kings Island last year, and got mixed to positive reviews. Most of the positive reviews seemed to praise the show's professional-looking set, improved costumes, soundtrack, variety of acts, and overall orchestration.

Some of the mixed reviews criticized the show's lack of a strong finale, lack of cohesiveness between scenes, spotty pacing, and lack of plot (although some of us criticized Cirque Imagine for having a plot, so maybe this is a benefit for some).

However, I noticed that even though our Cirque Imagine featured the same soundtrack and overall structure of the old Cirque Imagine at Kings Island, the individual scenes and acts were entirely different. Except for lack of plot, all of the major grievances with Origins may be easily fixed by Kings Dominion's show simply through its own unique production of the show.

One of the main positives I read about Origins is that it was much more re-watchable than Cirque Imagine, so I can't wait to view this show several times this season!
Sep 25, 2016
Yogi's Cave
I really need to watch that cirque show. I have never really taken time to watch a show when at a theme park. I suppose next time I go to BG I will look into some of them.

We went to the 2017 Cirque Origins show several times, and last night saw the 2018 version for the first time. Of the 9-10 performers in the group, there was only one that looked like we'd seen him last year - they all look like new performers, but with the costumes and makeup it was hard to tell.

The show was generally the same, except last year there was one girl that was hoisted up on a large ring and did some impressive acrobat moves while spinning around on and inside the ring -- instead of that, now there are two girls that share a trapeze-type swing and flip around each other and hold each other from the swing (suspended about 10-15 feet from the ground), which were also really impressive acrobat moves but my wife described it as "they got kind of a pornographic jigsaw puzzle going on there" - it was a bit odd, but impressive.

During the early part of the show there was this other taller girl lurking around the set with some type of mask on her face, I first thought it looked like some type of Freddy Kreuger mask but then on closer look it was more of a Gollum face thing. Anyway, about 20 minutes into the show she finally took center stage and was probably the most pretzel-est performer I'd ever seen with all sorts of contorted moves - most were cool, some were cringe-worthy at the thought of bending one's own body in that manner, but overall it was really really cool. Then later she took over her mask and she's not only talented but really cute too - I'd much rather watch her bounce around than "hey Taco"...

So IMHO this one is definitely worth seeing, even if you saw it last year - the crowd cheered quite a bit at the end of the show as the performers were really good.


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I'm really surprised at the lack of discussion around this show. I went for the first time last weekend, and it's incredible!

The clown-monkeys are hilarious, the acrobats are thrilling, the live drums really amp up the energy and the contortionist caused me to gasp out loud multiple times.

Really can't recommend seeing it enough. It left me breathless!
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