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For people with allergies, Grogan's Grill is supposed the go to place for if you have allergies. The orientation lady told us if anyone ever says anything about allergies, send them there.
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Yeah, they do a lot of salads there. And it's the smallest venue so it's easier to ask for made to order stuff. Unfortunately, they're closed a lot on slow days.
I think I saw something in this forum about Shepard's Pie, but now I can't find it. Was I imagining things? Is someplace in the park now selling Shepard's Pie as a new menu item? It sounds like a good option for Ireland to me.
Shafor said:
They also have a dedicated email address for questions about food allergy info:

Praise!! Oh praise!! I've asked for that for several years now. 2013 is looking to be completely awesome! :heart:

Last year I know that La Cucina in Festa had Gluten Free Pizza. Sadly, I was never able to go there to try it, but for a kid (or an adult) with a wheat allergy- to have pizza is a blessing.
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