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Dec 5, 2017
I've had the idea forever now, seeing as Festa is one of the weaker themed areas in the park. What if we took it, and did a Greek mythos overhaul? I did some very rough sketches of what I would out in those places, perhaps later I'll do a better rendering!

Overall Changes/small changes:
1.)Gone would be the tents and festival theming and a greek temple theming would be there in its place! It could still fit the same layout but would feel cooler, more immersive, and breath life into a crowded and stuffy old land.
2)Apollos Chariot would stay the same, as Apollo was both a greek and roman god, only difference is the entrance would be a temple to Apollo with a large statue, perhaps with an odd likeness to Fabio.
3.Tempesto would remain but instead be called The Odyssey, and instead of a stunt man theme, it would be the wreckage of the ship Odysseus was on! The on ride audio for the ride could be "Brace yourself to tempest tossed on The Odyssey!"
4. Pantheon would like stay the same.

Larger changes:
I) Instead of the basketball hoops and small flat rides, they would be replaced by Dionysus Den, a wine gardenthemed to a temple of Dionysus with a beautiful patio and garden where local and foreign wines could be sampled. Think The Brauhaus but bigger and with outdoor seating.

II) La Cucina would be rethemed to a greek inspired sit down restaraunt, Demeter's Diner, featuring classic greek favorites with some modern twists.

III)The games,ice cream and arcade would be replaced with a photo op meet and greet with various mythological creatures from greek legend called Mythos Meet and Greet, specifically featuring, a "baby" cerberus, unicorn/pegasus, and a minotaur. Think of something like Universal's Raptor Encounter.

IV) Another flat ride gone, and in it's place would be an outdoor pavillion, Thespus Terrace for small and personal shows, namely storytelling of famous greek legends and music/dancing.

V)Various shopping would be found namely, from left to right, Treasures of Olympus(General T-shirts and mythological merchandise, Aphrodite's Gifts (jewelery and accesories), and Pandora's Collection (travel goods/replacement items)

However the most extensive retheme would be Roman Rapids, Rethemed to The Underworld. This would feature an expansion of the ride including an indoor segment, water elevator, and a drop.

The beginning of the ride would be the same but u;pon entering the building using projection mapping, it appears the boat capsizes "Drowning " the guests, the perspective shifts as we now see floating nearby is the ferryman ferrying a soul across the river styx. We rampage down the next section seeing lost souls reaching out and wailing before we enter The Necropolis, City of the Dead. We pass a huge Cerberus animatronic that snarls at us. We enter the water-vator which through the use of projection mapping is the throne of Hades. He is about to send us on our way before Persephone says it is not yet our time, convincing hades to let us return to the mortal realm. He agrees as we shoot down the drop and exit the temple.


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This is something that I actually feel Busch is trying to slowly creep into their 5 or 10 year plan. Although it’s not 100% consistent, over the past few years they’ve started the stray away from the festival theme in favor for an Ancient Rome one. Although it hasn’t been done at the scale of an absolute hamlet retheme, it does feel like they’re trying to set something up.

Exhibit A) Pantheon. This speaks for itself. It does seem like busch is trying to incorporate more Roman gods to the area, but in a very condensed and easy way. I just find it weird that they’re coming off of the addition known as “Tempesto” which has little to no correlation to an Ancient Rome theme. Right now theming for Pantheon is heavily up in the air, but it seems that it might not be the best. What I personally believe is that in order to save money, Busch is going to give Pantheon an extremely heavy facelift if and when they start the retheme. It would be an easy way to space out spending, while also merging the attraction into a themed area at a morr

Exhibit B) Edesia’s Eats. For those that don’t know, “Edesia” is the Roman god of food. Speaks for itself. The rumored La Cucina renovation might have had a massive roadblock obstruct its progress (COVID-19), but I don’t think Busch is going to back down from this. If they’re actually planning on retheming Festa, this is an easy way to get a jumpstart on it while also giving a dying eatery a facelift.

Exhibit C) Diablo. Long time followers of Busch’s planning for attractions remember that Busch trademarked a name that eventually never got used. “Diablo.” While not exactly having correlation to Ancient Rome, Diablo is the spanish word for “Devil.” Spanish and Roman are both Latin based languages so it could be stretched to a point, but if the trademark is still active then they have a fallback if they plan to retheme Tempesto.

Of course more obvious examples would be Roman Rapids, Apollo’s Chariot, etc, but they were added way too long ago to really be considered that Busch was putting them in with the idea of a retheme in mind. I do genuinely feel like Busch has something up their sleeve when it comes to Festa, but I don’t see them doing anything major for a few more years. Everything would align way more easily if Tempesto wasn’t added, because that’s really the only major attraction in the way if a hamlet retheme is in the works. Then again, Mr. Lum always finds a way to get in the.... way?

Another thing that stands out to me is that they repainted the tent that resides over Turkish Delight. Although it’s probably just a temporary facelift, it once again seems like they’re preserving the festival theme. It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what Busch is trying to do because they’re trying to incorporate 2 themes at once into a hamlet and what it results in is a really weird vibe. I sure do love the part in Roman history when a chad daredevil goes toe to toe with a legitimate G O D.

Anywho, I’d just keep a lookout for subtle things that Busch does that‘ll contribute to this idea.
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