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and Team / Co
Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Tony and I will be at HOS with a few friends on Saturday 05 October. I know the general feeling about Saturdays, but if anyone wants to drop by the park I'd love to meet all y'all.

I'm not sure exactly when we will be arriving yet, but I will definitely be there until they throw me out at 11pm.

PM me, if you want to exchange mobile numbers.
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Have you ever been on I95 on Friday afternoon? I would have to drive to Virginia Beach; drop off the cats and dog; chat with my parents; and then turn around and brave the HRBT a second time. To get there by 6pm, I'd have to leave DC by noon.

Believe me Saturday isn't my first choice either.
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SukaVayne said:
Can't wait to see you guys and hopefully meet chickenking

Man, you guys are gonna force my hand. I cannot tell you how much I HATE Saturdays! But everyone wants to meet the Almighty chickenking... :cool:
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SukaVayne said:
Can't wait to see you guys and hopefully meet chickenking

I've met him, not really a BIG deal. You have to stop every ten seconds to take a picture. He spends way to much time in Ireland, if you know what I mean(bowchikkabowwow), and he spends the rest in Italy, if you know what I mean (glugglugglug).:D
For Nic...


**Rolls eyes**
Man, I must be losing it. I am actually considering making an appearance this Saturday. The public demands it! Is there any incentive for me? Blood Banquet anyone?
Nessie definitely (that's all I can do currently). Sky Ride always. You get me on the train on a Saturday and I may not get off. Too many freakin' people!!
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