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Sep 17, 2014
A bunch of bg employees and friends will be coming to check out HAUNT. Any one interested in meeting up feel free to comment. Also I have a CF Platinum Pass so does that mean I get into Haunt free, not sure got the pass free from helping some friends at Cedar Point in May with a show. Also if I use my pass does that get discounts on other tickets for friends during Haunt. Also we will be there all day from 11 until midnight closing. Hope to meet up and we can scream thru the mazes.
Yes it does. If your pass is from Cedar Point you could run into issues, but let them know that it's a Cedar Point pass and they may have to manually enter the discount, otherwise you may need to speak with a manager.
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Its a cedar fair platinum pass, I used it once durng summer. Only thing is they added the meal plan, but that's only good at Cedar Point. Do you know if and what kind of discount I get for friends I may bring, I do believe there is like maybe 12 coming.
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