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Grogan's Pub/Annie's is the traditional BGWFans meetup spot. More specifically, most of the time we've used the big table in the back corner of Grogan's next to the fireplace.
I'd love to meet there. Annie's has been closed all year and that's my favorite spot in the park. Only opens for HOS according to the Grogan's employees, so I'm gonna hang out there a lot.
I'll be leaving in about 20min for the park.
Must got to the park its packed they are starting to park in the overflow.lots already so be prepared.
England looks full to do people shouldn't count on that if they have a pass.
It's terrible. I'm in now and tempesto was looking at an hour wait, and every restaurant we have passed is in external switchbacks by a longshot. I snapped @sereniv a picture of one of the paths in Italy as like a sea of people, she can vouch it is ridiculous
I'm still planning to be there this evening—I'll let everyone know when I'm in the park.

Also, I have @sereniv's and @Alf33's cell numbers so I can coordinate with the two of them.
Anyone at Annies/Grogans? We're outside.
We are here but I never saw a meeting time. I haven't heard anything from Zachary yet so I assume he isn't in the park yet. I think he was going to message everybody once he gets here.
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