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That would be awesome. I am relatively new here but I love the community feel and the fact that everyone has a certain level of respect for each voice and opinion, it is welcoming. That would be a hell of a good time to maybe try to snag a show together or something, because idk about all you guys but the 6th is the day I am gonna buy quick queues since crowds are gonna be big.
I'm game for this. Already have this day reserved.
Now that we have reached a week away, who all for sure is gonna show?

Only person I've communicated with extensively is @sereniv and she seems hyped
I will be there either the 4 or 5 not sure which yet.
Wife and I will be experiencing Scarowinds for the first time on the 5th. Sorry to miss this meet-up. (Also seeing Florence and the Machine on the 3rd while in Charlotte!) Take some pictures!
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The 5th doesn't look good for me because of work and a later confilct but the 6th or even the 7th being I'm off on Monday because of the holiday are good.
I'll be there all night on Membership night (the 4th) and probably for a little while at the end of the night on Saturday (the 6th).

It sounds like the 6th makes the most sense for a meetup since @lce729 and @sereniv are both already making plans.
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