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Nov 28, 2009
I went to the park this weekend for HOS and it was a blast. I am giving maze ratings below!:

Cursed: (9/10): A ton better than last year! So many more scares. Strobe light got me!
Bitten: (8/10): OK. We stopped too many times because of traffic and it kinda ruined the mood!
Hunted: (7/10): Pretty cool! The bungee wolf got my mom!
Harvest Hollow: (6/10): Got me just once or twice! It was alright though!
Catacombs: (10/10): Awesome! So dark. Cant see a thing!
Revenge of Pompeii: (8/10): Better than last year! Scares were amped up!

The Scare is everywhere was a cool theme and the chainsaws were awesome! One got me really well and I started running! Saw Jack is back and Frankenrock and enjoyed those as well!:)

Great Job Busch Gardens!!!!
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