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Aug 19, 2013
Williamsburg virginia
Sat oct 12th, anyone interested in meeting up at park, do some shows, do the houses, check up on this project hit me up

I will be in attendance and looking to catch more random scares and pics during the night. So if anyone want to come look me up sent me a PM AND LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU THERE


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RE: Sat Oct 12

Wow, you sir are a brave man. Going out and doing two Saturdays in a row. That kind of thing has never been done before. I commend you.

But seriously, saturdays are busy, and because it is close to Halloween, they are about to get a lot worse.
Darn... won't be there tomorrow (can't stand Saturday crowds, even in rain!). I will be checking out HOS on Sunday, though!
Ah, I just saw my favorite sight to see: Apollo's purple hills cresting over the trees. I am here to check things out finally!
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If someone could update us on the crowds in a few hours, it would be much appreciated. Thinking about going for a few hours today- haven't decided either way for sure though.
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