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Aug 9, 2010
We left our house at 6am on Friday and arrived in the BGW parking lot at 11:45am. The park was as beautiful as always, but less decorated for HoS than the last time we went. My 3 year old has become somewhat of a train freak with the help of Thomas and Polar Express, so we always head straight for Tweedside and do a round trip and then get off at Festa.

We then proceeded to those d%@$n claw machines since that's all I heard about for the last two weeks and then we hopped on the teacups for the first time ever as a family since the little one can now ride without getting crushed in between us.

We walked over to LOD and let the kids ride a few things then went to Festhaus for lunch. The show was great and The lead has the best voice I've heard at any show in the park. The food was good, but I hope the changed menu is just temporary as I gotta have my chicken! We had pizza, fries, turkey sub and carrot cake.
Does anyone like those homemade chips they dish out? I have never seen anyone eating any and none of us can stand them.

It was now check in time so we left and made our way over to Kingsgate resort where the check in was quick and simple. My income must just fall under their guidelines, because they never ask me to attend any meetings.:rolleyes: The room was clean and spacious with comfortable beds. I like the layout at Kingsgate better than the other resorts for young children because they don't have any glass tables or fireplaces with hard sharp hearths like the others we have stayed at. I will probably stay there from now on unless we encounter future problems.

Since it was now 6pm we loaded up the little ones and headed back to the park and this is where it all went down hill. The park was under lit and it was very foggy that night for some reason, but it made for a very scary environment for a 3 and 6 year old. If that wasn't enough there were a bunch of rude employees running around hiding and jumping out at my children even after I begged them to stop. We figured it best to get out of the path of these psychos and maybe a bit of Irish dancing would cheer the kids up, so we headed to Abbey Stone for some nice family entertainment. The show starts and a bunch of half naked flooseys in nurse outfits start dancing and we had to cover the kids eyes. My little boy kept saying he wanted milkies for some reason. This is a family park and I can't believe they would do something like this without letting people know to not bring children. We stormed out and my wife gave them a piece of her mind on facebook.

On Saturday morning we went to Jamestown Settlement and spent a few hours then went back to the room to rest. We decided to leave the kids with the grandmas as they are still in shock from the night before and will be needing therapy before going out in public at night again. We left at 7pm and the park wouldn't let us in. I mean can you believe I drive all this way for a weekend trip and then they turn me away like some single day ticket holder. I bought a 2 year pass, I'm entitled! I let em have it on facebook and will be requesting a refund on my season pass!

Sorry, I couldn't resist . We really had a great time. The grandmothers watched the kids Friday night while we went to the park, had dinner and enjoyed the atmosphere. The only bad thing was my footage of Fiends in 3D got corrupted and is unplayable, but other than that it was nice. I used my professional skeeball skills to win a few big stuffed animals at Germany and Italy before leaving for the night.

Sunday, we checked out of the resort and went to the park to spend a few hours. We went to the arcade in Italy and a very nice young lady that worked there came up to my kids and told them there was a hidden treasure so they should look over the area. Some nice employees had played games and won a bunch of tickets and left them for some lucky kids to come along and we happened to be the first people there that morning. I won quite a few more tickets playing skeeball and the nice lady told me that I could win more tickets playing Wonderland so we played it for a while and then turned in the tickets for several small toys. If any of the employees that left the tickets or gave them to us see us then I'd like you to know how happy you made my kids. Thank you!

I then went to Verbolten which was down and hung around until they opened so I could ride it before leaving. The line was long, but only ended up being about a 30 minute wait. I rode the orange train and got to see the forest theme inside. I had rode 3 other times and had always got Wolves, so it was nice to see a new theme.

We then went to have some lunch and watch Dig it up. The food was great and so was the show. I agree with Swift, the shows are all great. I didn't do any mazes this year as we didn't have much time, but they aren't really my cup of tea anyways so no big loss.

Sorry that my storytelling is so bad, just not much with words. I do however have something I don't remember seeing on this site before. I bought a nice pocket 3D camera by Panasonic called the Lumix 3D1 and it takes great pics and video for such a small camera. If you have a 3D tv then I highly recommend it. I have converted the pics to anaglyph so you can view them with red/cyan glasses if you have any. Below is the link to my Howl-O-Scream set on Flickr. If you see any of these that you like then feel free to use them on the site.
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I'm pretty sure this is the greatest trip report in the history of these forums. Also, for some crazy reason, I happened to have a pair of 3D glasses sitting right next to me. Great pictures!
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