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Mar 16, 2016
Richmond, VA
My wife and kids and I go to Orlando every year for thanksgiving. No, we don't have family there, that's why we go ;) Anyway, after several years of longingly passing the Discovery Cove entrance on the way to Sea World, we bit the bullet and went this year. We'd read all the reviews, watched all the promo videos and gotten input from people who have gone, but none of that adequately prepared us for our visit. We had one of the best days there I can remember in a long time. My kids (11 and 14) were, of course excited about the dolphin interaction, and they did indeed love it, but they loved EVERYTHING there. None of us really care much about birds, but the aviary was amazing! My wife does not enjoy putting her face in the water, but she spent more time in the Grand Reef than anywhere else. My son was pretty apprehensive about going underwater in the Sea Venture, but he absolutely loved it! The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The setting is absolutely gorgeous, and the fact that it is all inclusive makes this a top-notch attraction for us. Of course, we were there in November, so the crowds were even less than one would expect in the summer, but limiting the number of guests per day is genius. We had plenty of room to do what we wanted, when we wanted. Truly a magical day for us. Here's some video I shot while we were there. Make sure to watch in HD.

Sea Venture Highlights:

Grand Reef snorkeling:

Wind Away River:


This a great review. Now I know that Discovery cove is really a hidden gem in in Florida. Maybe I will go one day.
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