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Mar 30, 2010
We went a few weeks ago and got to get a picture of us holding a baby alligator. We were walking by the area today and were talking about how cool that was and an employee mentioned to us that they can no longer do that. I didn't get the whole story, but it seems when they were getting their new animal licenses they lost the ability for some animals to be handled by park goers. Anyone else heard about this?
No, but it's not surprising. Without knowing the exact details it sounds like it might also be an insurance thing.
I'm sure all the pleasure factor of petting a baby alligator will go away the second it bites down on your hand. Then and again literally every bird I've encountered in an outdoor stand tried to attack me so I might be overreacting. It's quite odd since I even got the Coo-Coo Bird to warm up to me in Lorikeet Glen :\
There are lots of reasons they could do that, but being able to handle animals gives such a unique experience to people that I hope they manage to bring it back.
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