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and Team / Co
Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Jack, the original Busch Gardens trickster is back, and he’s had plenty of time to sit in the dark and come up with new ways to surprise and startle his fans. Explore the terrors that keep Jack up at night.

@Zachary, @Gavin, @Thomas, @Luke, @Pretzel Kaiser, and I tried BGW’s new escape room today. More than anything else, this game provided tons of nostalgia and the set was a park enthusiast’s dream.

Like Mr. Karver, this icon-based room was much less linear than the Haunted Hotel, and much more dependent on interactions with the actor in the room.

Jack was fantastic (the same actor has played both the Bellhop and the Ripper, and we always love his performances). He captured the character really well. Jack, himself, seemed to enjoy taking pot-shots at all of the newer icons, which really amused us.

Bizarrely, we got more backstory on the Vault theme from this escape room than from any Vault: XX marketing materials.

Overall, Jack’s Nighmare was great fun for the rest of us.
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