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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Description from the park’s website:

Walking through the door of this startling new Escape Room will put guest’s mettle to the ultimate test. Each choice made will lead guests further and further into a terrible reality, with a shocking revelation that will cause even the most adventurous to tremble in fear.
You are right. It doesn’t.

Luckily, we just did both rooms today, so I can give everyone a rough idea of what to expect.

Without giving anything away, the theme is “choices.” The story centers around a collector/murderer.

There were two actors and multiple rooms. It was definitely the less straightforward of the two Escape Rooms. It also has the most novel puzzles of the two.

After doing these for a few years, I can honestly say that these rooms provide the best actor interactions in the park. They are fantastic, and I think some of them have been doing this from the beginning.
So I do have a very minor complaint about this room. Which will all be under the spoiler. Nothing major will be spoiled just some room stuff and some actor stuff but nothing super related to the actual solving of the puzzles.

So the one thing I rather didn't like about this room is the fact that there are two actors and you honestly only ever use one of them. I feel like they should have balanced the room out better to have to use both actors to solve the puzzles.

I realize that this might be an active choice the park made for... Reasons relating to the final challenge... But I do wish that you had to use both of them. I felt bad for kind of ignoring one actor because everything was telling us (and we had to use them) to solve the puzzles. I feel like that would have made the final challenge harder? I mean I get that this room is the harder of the two rooms, and it's likely why you get a prize when you complete it. But idk the other actor was more of our... Time keeper because I didn't find the clock timer until we had like 5 minutes left. :/

Otherwise this was a pretty fun room. I don't feel like I contributed much to the room other than reading a pamphlet, which I only read the first two parts of because it became chaotic and loud to concentrate on reading words. Which I mean is great since they wanna slow you down. But we as a group solved it and that's what matters.
Without spoiling anything, there's part of this that apparently is broken that wouldn't let my group win by 2 seconds and when we told them that the thing was broken after they admitted it was broken they still wouldn't give us the pain, I don't know that's standard for different escape rooms to do that. I feel like if it's broken you to take it out and fix it.
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I did this escape room last night and it seemed to be in working order. Funny story actually; it was me and a couple friends in our party put in with a party of two. The man from the other party was dipping and spitting inside of the escape room for the first few minutes and was the cause for the escape room to be "paused." At first it looked like all of us would be kicked out but the supervisor understood that my group wasn't breaking any rules. The scare actors were brought back inside and then we were able to finish and escape. I got the pin but I left it in my friend's bag so I don't have a picture. Definitely was a great experience though. The actors did great and legitimately made it amazing. The free PhotoKey at the end really added value. Because there was three people in my group, and they took a few pictures at the end, each of us was given one of the photos so we own all three.
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I just want my pin. I put one. Complaint with the park since the actors admitted it was broke. Afterwards and that it was still included. It easily could have been omitted from the escape room with a new pamphlet as it wasn't a small part.
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