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Aug 31, 2013
Gainesville, FL
I've been thinking about this for awhile.

Since BGT needs more water rides (Because the ones they have are packed!) I think they should make one based on the Nile.

It would be a water coaster hybrid, just like Journey to Atlantis, and it would feature elements never experienced before on a regular water ride!

Comment for more information! ;)
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I think BGT has a good collection of water rides. You have three different types at this point - rapids, flume, and splash down.

Personally, I'd like to see them focus more on indoor attractions and/or family style attractions to help round out the list of attractions they have. A few more indoor attractions, that can run during a thunderstorm, would do wonders for the park and help with the complaints that everything shuts down during storms.

A water coaster/hybrid would be a cool addition, so long as it wasn't too intense (I think a more moderate thrill would do just fine, otherwise you limit your potential ridership alot). Not sure where they would fit it at the moment though.
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It would be an indoor water ride, with a few outdoor elements. It would be a 42" rider restriction, with two drops. One is a water drop with four water "towers" at the bottom of the hill ready to soak you. Then it takes you back into the Temple to drop into a spiraling roller coaster drop. Here's a picture:


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Fun fact, I'm going to talk to Mr. Rose, the engineer at BGT about becoming a rollercoaster engineer, and I'm going to show him the plans for Nile Falls and Riptide (Surfmaster). I will be talking to him over Thanksgiving Break, so stay tuned! :)
Tell him I want to meet him!(I've seen him on a few tours before)I love your idea of a water coaster. The only thing is change the name and give it to the rapids ride.I would change the theme to the pyramids.The concept art looks sorta like a tomb or a temple.I could picture this at the park.When I looked at this it looked like it was a new ride.I feel spoiled with all the soaking wet rides and indoor rides we have here at BGW.Also I guess I'm not the only person who is trying to become a roller coaster engineer.Good Luck and design an awesome coaster!
Thanks! Maybe I can design a similar ride to replace Roman Rapids. ;) And I like the name because (even though the concept art is blurry) it fits the theme of a Nile Cruise.
Yep. Anyway, the unique addition to Nile Falls that would set it apart from other water rides is what I call "Water Towers". They would be basically hoses that are flowing water from the towers(4), soaking the riders.
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