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Sep 23, 2009
This show replaced Mind Over Magic in the Royal Palace Theatre for Howl-O-Scream 2005 and run for only one year.

Anyone have more?
Alright, I have this show in it's entirety recorded from Oct. 29, 2005. Unfortunately, I don't have a converter to make it digital. So here's the basic play-by-play, that I'm typing up as I'm watching it.

So it starts off with narration, of the location and who the evil thing living inside, The Boogeyman. A girl appears and heads up to the building, wondering if anybody is there in the building.

The dancers (I'm not sure who they are supposed to be.) eventually lead the girl to a "bedroom" (which is just a bed on stage.) The girl takes off her jacket and skirt, revealing a nightgown, picks up a doll on the bed, and then goes to sleep. Sheets and 'ghosts' appear and wake her up, this is where the magician appears. The narrator calls him "a magical talisman that was sent to protect the girl." and then cut random love story. He tries to lead her out of the building, but the boogeyman appears on the screen behind them, and stops them. The dancers come back out, and place the girl on like this stick/pole thing, and spin her, eventually it pierces her, and "kills her".

And then angst, and the whole "I must save her!!! With magic!" shindig. She is brought back to life, with the power of magic and love. The boogeyman then challenges him to go through a set of tests. (Which equates to several magic tricks, and I'm too lazy to explain them in detail.)

He wins, but before the boogeyman will let them go there are bags placed over their heads, and separates the two, and takes the guy away. When she removes the bag from her head, the boogeyman appears and tells her that basically she can never leave, and that the guy is gone. To which she calls out "He can't be dead! He can't be!" in all her useless damsel glory. The talisman, shows back up (I don't know how, my brother is terrible at recording shows.) and the Boogeyman is really angry and shouts that the girl is his forever. And it ends with the talisman running towards the screen where the Boogeyman is being projected, and the girl is left alone.

She then picks up the doll and hugs it going "I will always remember you." And walks off stage, while DDR style music is playing in the background.

The show is a bit better than I'm describing it, but it's also that bad at the same time. The ending is really abrupt, (and on the tape, you can hear some guy go "That was it?!") It's still better than Entwined.

This is some of the music used in the show:
Bring me to Life - Evanescence
Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics (the Benny Benassi remix)
Cry Little Sister - Gerard McMann
It should be noted that the park was aggressively suggesting to parents that the show is not suitable for kids. Way more than even Fiends last year. The nightgown wasn't revealing so it must have been for the "violence" but the houses have much worse.
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The only scene that was "violent" was when the girl was spinning (while laying down) on the pole/stick thing, and then suddenly became impaled on it, and "died". And yeah it's violent, but nearly as much as what you saw in the houses. But there's not like there was any blood. (And we would have noticed, considering her nightgown was white, and was even brighter with the used of black lights.)

Maybe because it was the fact that it wasn't hidden from the audience, and you saw her fall and the piece sticking out from her stomach. But at the same time, it's a magic show. Some classic magic acts are like sawing somebody in two, and sticking somebody in a box and stabbing them with many swords, before releasing them perfectly unharmed.

(I personally think they didn't let kids in because the boogeyman looked like the Emperor from Star Wars. And nobody wants to see that. /joking)
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Like I said, it was really strange that aides from Fiends last year, that the park picked /that/ of all things to discourage kids from going on to.
Never, because children are precious and should be allowed to experience all of life's wonders no matter who gets shafted in the process.
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Reading through Applesauce's description It almost feels like this show was inspiration for Monster Stomp: on Ripper Row. One of the same songs, the female costumes were a little revealing, and a murder! Back on topic I found the logo if anybody wants it.
Because a bad guy trying to get a woman is super unique...

In MSoRR, the show clearly wants you to think the ripper is "good" and that you want the them to fall in love.

This the guy is clearly a villain and the woman is clearly trying to escape the guy throughout the entirety of the show.
Connor said:
Reading through Applesauce's description It almost feels like this show was inspiration for Monster Stomp: on Ripper Row. One of the same songs, the female costumes were a little revealing, and a murder! B
None of the costumes were revealing. Like at all. She wore a trenchcoat in the beginning, took it off and there was a very modest nightgown under it. He wore like a white shirt and white pants. the dancers wore some strange jumpsuits, and then the Emperor was never seen in a full body shot.

Songs are used and reused all the time. Damsel in distress stories are commonplace. Same with murder stories that are involved with damsel in distresses. Gotta increase that manpain some how.
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