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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
New year, new thread!

This thread is meant to hold some of the smaller changes throughout Busch Gardens Tampa. I also plan on doing a monthly blog article with some of the changes I find interesting as well. But the really minor ones, and especially those that don't lend themselves well to pictures, will go here.

The January News & Notes article is live:
Wow, Seems like you're going to have a wonderful year! And it also seems like whenever I go to the BGTfans blog I'll be able to see a new blog post almost every time!((something that doesn't happen over at BGWfans(you didn't hear that from me))
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Most of the trams are the same body design (but without the new wrap). We also have a varied assortment of oddball trams as well that don't match the majority. It will be interesting to see if all of the trams get the new design, or if only the ones of this body style.
Would you say those trams are more efficient that the ones at BGW? They look smaller and as if they may not fit as many people.
The welcome signs in various languages along the tram lane just after the tunnel under McKinley Drive were recently updated, now sporting vibrant colors once again. The thank you signs opposite have not been replaced, but show less wear than the welcome signs did.



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