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Jun 6, 2013
There was a post in the bridge replacement thread where whispers suggested a new waterfront area like the one at SWO. I had never really thought about this, but i think it's a fantastic idea. Waterfront at seaworld is probably there nicest themed area in the park (I have not seen Antarctica yet). An area like this would fit perfectly at BGW.

So here's some ideas for the waterfront hamlet. The first could be right down by the boat dock, kind of going toward the San Marco bridge. This could be a German area, but we already have a few of those so maybe something like Scandinavia? The plus for doing it here is that it's part of an existing loop. Problem is space.

The other idea i thought of was continuing the path past the San Marco restrooms and taking it down behind the theater. With this being a new path it would be easy to make it handicap accessible. Bring it down to the water across from verbolten, where there is plenty of free shoreline.

This area could be themed to any Mediterranean town, which is essentially what the one at seaworld is. I am thinking Monaco, Greece, or Spain. Add a new dining area on the water, some shops, and the oyster divers! I love watching them. The other nice thing about placing it here is you could have another dock, making the cruise transportation and an attraction, also enabling handicap people access to the boat cruise. Please feel free to add or comment!
This would be nice! Especially since spain has been a popular idea in the past, even though i would like a nice greece area. You could put some waterfront ruins and have it be like an old histroic village.
I drew this up, it is kind of an example of a hamlet that can get close to the water. All the space is somewhat to scale from satellite pictures, you could add a ride, a restaurant with a deck, another dock, some shops and snack stands or games.

Tan lines = Pathway
Red = Ride equivalent to the size of tea cups
Black w/ Brown = Restaurant with deck
Black Rectangles = Shopping/Games/Snack Stands

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So happy to find this thread because it meshes with a concept I have been pondering.  The waterfront area between Scotland and Germany once served as a main thoroughfare for visitors circling the park.  Italy is a wonderful addition to the park, but the addition changed all of that by providing a less grueling footpath.

The path with stairs down from Scotland and a steep hill climb into Germany is one of my favorite areas of the park, yet probably least visited today.  It has the new wooden deck with viewing areas, fantastic views of Nessie, and the Rhine River Cruise.

"In Real Life" I have been toying with taking a river cruise in Europe down the Rhine and starting in...


In the park it would be a small hamlet along the docks. Imagine the possibilities for a spring tulip festival and naturalizing of tulips and daffodils through the woodlands.  This theme could continue along the Rhine cruise route with more tulip and daffodil naturalizing. It would be a renewed draw for the cruise.


I think the challenge and most costly element would be to incorporate some form of transport in and out of the new hamlet.  I am thinking of some sort of innovative inclinator which would provide access to all guests.  You would probably want to have one from both Scotland and Germany.  Enhancing this area of the park would serve the side benefit of increasing access to the cruise.

Here is a large, inclinator bar called Rock Bar overlooking the Indian Ocean.


Here is an image of Amsterdam IRL along the water. Please share your thoughts and ideas even if it is just to tell why this would never fly.

As much as I want a new hamlet, I like the serenity of the docks. A calm boat ride, beautiful trees, a beautiul coaster! It is a little safe haven from the crowds for me.
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MrLaptop said:
This Amsterdam is way too large to fit in the Rhine. In addition, it would ruin the theme of Nessie, as Nessie has a Scottish theme and Amsterdam is in the Netherlands.

Just curious what part is too large? Inclinator platforms? The woodland areas are already present and currently just naturalized forest, except for the graceful sweeping loops of Nessie and screaming passengers. ;)

Here's a very large "inclinator" in Johnstown, PA I have ridden. It has been in operation since 1891 so I am sure something much cooler is possible today.

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I agree, Mr. Laptop. That photo was just to show that Amsterdam is a waterfront community. I don't envision buildings like that within BGW. I think there is tremendous potential for tulips and daffodils in the existing space.
An Amsterdam themed area in the Rhine just wouldn't look right.  I've been to the Netherlands and the majority of it is flat, with Amsterdam itself being a few feet below sea level.  The highest elevation in the country is only 1,000 feet and that is all the way at the Dutch, Belgian and German borders.   Theming the area around the Rhine with tulips and daffodils would look awkward at the base of the steep wooded slopes on each side of the water because there aren't drastic elevation changes like that in the city of Amsterdam.
I love the idea of an Amsterdamn hamlet but Unagi makes really good points about the logistics of it. It almost would need to be in another part of the park with its own body of water not on the Rhine.
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^I'd love to see an Amsterdam themed area in the park. Just not down in the Rhine!
Well, there is more unused land in the park near water,but im not sure what all that is for/what is usable.
While climbing Nessie's lifthill for a ride during passholder preview I noticed daffodils blooming off to the left of Nessie's exit. Most were in a bed, but a few yards of the unlandscaped hill was naturalized with daffodils as well. Maybe the park is testing to determine how well daffodils can naturalize in the soil in this area? If it works (and the ones I saw looked great) it could be a fantastic springtime display on the hills overlooking the Rhine!
Who would have expected the next new hamlet to be the Netherlands?

I wonder what Amsterdam would offer up during Food & Wine...
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