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Dec 23, 2011
Bowling shirts are designed to not be tucked in. The purpose of these shirts is to create a more relaxing and laid back environment for team members and guests.

If they aren't wearing a belt, they are in violation of their costume policy. They get a free belt every year and if it breaks, they can get another one for free. I simply do not understand how they could not be wearing a belt.

As for pants being too large, that could be a supply issue. I have known guys who were given girl styled shirts because than ran out of the mens. I have known people who had to size up two sizes because that was the closest thing that fits. They need to stock their warehouse much more full of costumes. It really is a problem.


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Feb 12, 2011
I still hate those bowling shirts. In fact, they're seriously one of my biggest gripes about the park. They do look somewhat unprofessional and blend in much more with the guests, but what really gets me is that they kill the immersion and theme of the area. There was a time when the employee uniforms were all carefully designed to fit the theme of their respective area, which greatly contributed to the immersion of the area. Picture the ancient ruins Tour Guide uniforms for Pompeii, but specially designed for whatever area.

I'm sure they were more expensive than the bowling shirts, but I still think the bowling shirts are a tad too generic. Other than the various colored green stripes, there's nothing contributing about the uniforms. Hell, even KD has themed costumes for each area.
Feb 9, 2013
No the red shirts, are better than the old Festa shirts, I have to admit that, but that's the only exception.
Dec 23, 2011
I think the uniforms are part of the new look and new branding and I personally do not mind them as much, need to find a team member look for the colored highlighter with a white stripe walking around.

I still wouldn't mind the use of tunics and vests with a plain white t-shirt.
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Sep 20, 2013
What about the bakers costumes from when I was a kid? Or the tour guides for pompeii? My entire family hates these shirts. My parents have been going since nessie was here so it really disappoints me that the quality has had such a massive dent. Look back to 2004 when immersion and quality we're found EVERYWHERE. I used to live 30 minutes from the park so when I was a kid I would go a lot and I would notice things. I remember all of the counties had a different uniform. Sadly those days are long and gone and I moved. If anybody notices this post adults don't just notice uniforms. This is probably just me ranting about how everything was so perfect during the AB days but, it truly is sad that everything has changed so much. I hope someday the park will be bought by somebody who cares a little more and restores the park to the former glory...
Aug 17, 2010
Ok, so I don't really understand all of this griping about the costumes.  Are they the greatest ever?  No, but frankly, I don't really think they're a big issue.  Sure, I'd love BGW to have well-themed costumes for each hamlet, but that's incredibly expensive and beyond the budgetary scope of a seasonal park.  I'd honestly like them to invest their money elsewhere.

"Professional" seems to be the buzzword on this thread.  This complaint I just don't understand.  I've never been to a theme park and thought to myself, "Gee, these team members sure do look professional."  They're college kids mostly, and as long as they look fairly competent, I don't really pay much attention.

Additionally, I believe Disney supplies the best cast member costumes of any theme park chain I've been to.


These are the Test Track costumes.  They aren't professional at all, and in fact, I think they look downright ugly, along with almost all of the costumes for the Epcot rides (Soarin' excluded).  But I don't really care; I like the ride and have never experienced any problems with the cast members there.

I would have killed for a shirt that didn't require being tucked in when I worked rides.  Sometimes you get going at such a fast pace that it comes untucked, partially or completely, and then it's just uncomfortable and a pain to fix.

I agree that team members should be supplied with the proper sizes and should be in complete costume, but I think we're all placing too much focus on this issue.
Sep 29, 2009
Europe In The Air had some of the nicest costumes in the park, in my opinion. I'm kind of surprised that otherwise highly themed rides like Verbolten and InvadR don't have costumes at all.

Can anyone confirm or deny if Curse of DarKastle has had any changes made to their costumes since the ride opened?

I seriously think this was a fun thread, and I wouldn't mind if we could revive it for a while.


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Oct 24, 2009
New Orleans, LA
CastleOSullivan said:
Can anyone confirm or deny if Curse of DarKastle has had any changes made to their costumes since the ride opened?

The shirts have been changed out to short sleeve burgudy shirts, vests are removed, and the option to wear black shorts has been added.
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