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Sep 23, 2009
I'm hearing that all the countries are slated to get the awful, Oktoberfest-style uniforms. Apparently each country will have its own color starting with Italy which will be red.

Is anyone else feeling a little sick right now?
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone!

I like it more than the skittles shirts
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

I thought we confirmed this a while ago? I actually did bring it up Italy and Ireland will be showing off their new shirts this year. I was told that they might start off the season with them instead of waiting for Illuminights. Germany - Blue, Italy - Red, and Ireland - Green.

I mean, when Oktoberfest first got theirs, I thought after a bit of discussion, it was confirmed the whole park was getting new uniforms. I obviously expected a similar style for all the countries. But anyways, yeah it is coming in phases of years. The shirts are to resemble the country's colors of their flags.
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

Wait, lets not start over reacting about this yet, it's still just a rumor.
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

Nope it really isn't. It is more of a hidden fact. 100% confirmed, Italy and Ireland getting their bowling shirts this year. 100% confirmed all the other countries will get them. The only thing is, what colors will represent each country?
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

Probably red/white for new France, blue/red for France, probably same horrible 80's colors for festa, not sure what Scotland, lod, and ssfof will have, but I think the shirts are only coming to ride ops, sweeps, and merch people, with the exceptions of train engineers and darkastle (since they all have ride oriented costumes)
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

Well, so far,

Oktoberfest - Blue w/ white strip (Represents Bavarian Flag, I think)
Italy - Red w/ green strip
Ireland - Green w/ orange strip
France - Blue w/ red strip

That is all I can really think of. Those are colors I choose to represent the countries flag colors. I think everyone gets the new shirts EXCEPT people who have a ride specific outfit, etc.

I am still upset Wal-Mart got rid of the smiley face, that was one of my favorite things about Wal-Mart. It always made me feel so happy. Now it is a retarded star.
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

Bowling Shirts: I thought we were over Charlie Sheen fever! lol
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

I'd like to see how they look before I vomit, need to adjust the intensity accordingly.
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

I heard that the Ireland shirts are a solid orange... puke orange
RE: New (Bowling) Shirts for Everyone

They still have the fleece jackets, they just have different shirts. I think Ireland is green with a orange stripe. That seems to make sense, since their flag is green, orange, and white (Not in that order).
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