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Nov 7, 2013
Someone told me that the current show Iceploration will be replaced in mid spring with a show that compliments the new ride Falcon's Fury.
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Hmm. Haven't heard that one yet. So far, everything points to Iceploration returning in January. Could they have been mistaking the Moroccan Palace for the Timbuktu Theater? We've already been hearing rumblings of a new show going in there, and it would be just a stone's throw from Falcon's Fury.

If they were replacing Iceploration, it would be far earlier than previous shows held there, which usually last several years before being changed over.
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That make's more sense. The Usher at Iceploration told me about a new show there, but he may have been talking about another Theater.
As popular and the many great reviews Iceploration keeps receiving, I would be shocked if it was ending so soon. I personally see Iceploration lasting a few years more. I am inclined to agree the 4-D theater will be the new show, and it is close to Falcon's Fury
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