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Nov 5, 2009
Busch Gardens announced today through its wordpress blog that the park has ordered new seats/harnesses from Bolliger & Mabillard for amputees. Previous restrictions made it so that someone with an amputation above the knee could not ride coasters, and one with an amputation above the ankle could not ride Apollo's Chariot. The new harnesses will be installed on all three of the park's rides manufactured by B&M(Griffon, Alpengiest, and Apollo's Chariot). Guests with amputations will remain unable to ride the Loch Ness Monster as it was manufactured by a different company. The park has not announced the installation date but I would expect them before Busch Gardens opens for daily operations.
That's great that the park is adding those. Montu and Sheikra recently added them and the park and guests seem to enjoy them. We asked how many times they've used the new additions on Montu and Sheikra.. Our tour guide told us they've only been used once on Montu, but several times on Sheikra.

It's great the park is making it more ride-friendly. They seem to have some pretty strict restrictions (for a good reason, that is).

Here's a picture of the piece used to enable these guests to ride that I took on the Roller Coaster Insider Tour at BGT.
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