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Mar 15, 2014

“There is no evidence to suggest that this was in any way ride related."

The article in the first link above makes it sound like she became unconscious while on the ride. The link below says that she collapsed after she exited the ride and was returning to the ride station. Either way, 10 is too young to die.
Six Flags needs to get better at covering stuff up. The other chains do it with ease.
It's official! Revolution isn't a murderer!

Screamscape said:
According to Los Angeles County Coroner Lt. Fred Corral, the 10-year old girl who passed away after becoming unconscious at Six Flags Magic Mountain died from natural causes related to “an underlying medical condition” and that she was not injured at all by riding anything at the theme park. The nature of her pre-existing medical condition was not made public for privacy reasons.
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