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As of now there are no plans to add a Villain area to a park. Every few years "confirmed" rumors as to a Villain themed park or a "nightland" park to be built surface. Nothing ever comes of it. Disney also just spend MEGA bucks revamping Space Mountain and all WDI parks so no Tron items happening there. I have seem some of the most recent Fantasyland reno shots from overhead and it is all to plan.
yaytez said:
Are you so sure? There is all new information that has surfaced, and we know EXACTLY what everything is for and when it will be built.

Disney's "Dark Kingdom" was a huge rumor that blew up ~a year or so ago. The concept was along the exact same lines as what you posted. It was on the drawing board to happen far off in the future until the management change. Once the change happened it was canned and the new management team wants to focus on mending the loose ends that the park has repair and rehab wise.
yaytez said:
Yes I know. It was,if you read it...a joke. Relax.

Haha, I was just saying. Those rumors get around so much it is nuts. I saw that and was like how did someone just not get wind of a two year old rumor. I am sure you punked some peopled though!
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