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Apr 7, 2011
Has anyone seen the new "We were born for Busch Gardens!" commercial. I just saw it today on channel 10. It caught my attention and was professionally done definitely gets the point across. What did you think about it?
Speaking of commercials, I made a quick stop at the Marriott near the park and found something a little different. The new brochures are out!

A few observations
It looks pretty well-designed. A bit smaller than the ones from previous years, but no big deal.
For some strange reason, Mach Tower is nowhere to be seen despite being one of the newer rides in the park.
Food & Wine festival is called the Food & Wine Festival. Logo looks cool.
Eagle Ridge is advertised, so it's most likely gonna be staying.

- We're born for Busch Gardens :D


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I just saw the commercial on wavy10 news. I like it. I knew what it was for at the first scene seeing it for the first time just by the landscaping. The new logo I can live with but the born for BG is cool and saying the park is like my yard is very true.
Commercial is fun and the idea of being born for the park is very catchy. I also like the new logo, although it has a very modern feel rather than an old-world feel. But still, I do like it.

The font they are using on the print ads and so forth? Not so much. Looks very 1970s or 1980s -- the fat letters. Doesn't look retro cool to me, just dated.
Okay I found the Tampa "We were Born for Busch Gardens," commercial. It's almost the same audio as the one on the radio here, Except they skipped one part. However, I did notice something, it's hard to catch, but pause the video at 0:12. Notice anything?
It'll be easier for people who have been to Tampa before.
Montu doesn't go through any ski chalets. ;) Was filming one of their coasters really so hard they had to use our footage?

- Way to be cheap/lazy Tampa. I guess the budget went into HOS and CT, but not their commercials. :cool:
Also easy to guess from the train, Montu doesn't have the zero- car in the front. Reminds me of all of the Cedar Fair commercials sharing the same videos but different spiels and text.

I also changed your link to the youtube code.
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I've seen much worse. In one of the ads in Grogan's Pub, Griffon's track is red like SheiKra. That's because in some ads with SheiKra, they use Griffon, but color the track red. The parks have been mixing up commercial footage for years.
destroyer421 said:
It's sounds more like Tampa is too lazy to record there own footage so they just recolor BGW's...

That may be what it sounds like, but Williamsburg takes Tampa's footage too. Remember that the goal of an advertisement is to make everything look as good as possible. For that reason, sometimes they decide the other park has the prettier equivalent of any given ride. For example: if you look at Busch Gardens Williamsburg's ad in 1984, you may notice something is askew with the Log Floom in the last frame. Hint: There are no palm trees in Williamsburg.
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