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Feb 9, 2013
I don't know if any of you have checked out the completely overhauled Busch Garden's main site. But it does seem that they have completely overhauled it. Before you would go to the main site, and click for either BGW or BGT, and that was it, but now it is a lot more. The site also includes the new combined BGT, and BGW "Born for Busch Gardens" promo. I'll let you take a look for yourself.

And here is the new combined "Born for Busch Gardens" promo.

If I do say so myself, I like both of them. What are your thoughts?
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It seems their entrance page is still kind of buggy. Keep in mind this wasn't the only change to their site. The company navigational bar that goes across the top of the page that directs you to other SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment parks and other stuff has been completely revamped and I assume the entrance page to most of the other parks have changed similar to Busch Gardens' page.
The BGW park site has received a small refresh, they're just minor changes, mostly on the front page. However, this little refresh seems to have only been applied to the BGW site, not the BGT site. However, that doesn't mean it could happen to the BGT site soon, as the refresh to the BGW site happened just recently(as in the last hour). You can find those minor changes to the site, here.
You see the Green Board background everywhere? Yea, that's new, as I said very minor, but for a person like me who visits the site everyday, it's very noticeable. Compare it to the BGT site.
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I noticed the tabs at the very top a few weeks ago. I think they are relatively new, as well? Or, I am just fairly unobservant.
Those have been there since I first posted this thread, I think it's just there to make it easier for people to access other park's sites easier.
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