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Sep 23, 2009
Usually the only time I post about an iOS app on the site is if it's about the BGWFans apps, but I've been working on a new project that isn't BGWFans branded and it happens to focus on BGW.  I'm getting pretty close to a point where I will start releasing information about it, but I thought I'd put up a little teaser of what users will see the first time the app is run.

This is still alpha, there's stuff here that won't be in the final release and stuff that's missing, but you guys can get a peek.  It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out what the app will be, but I hope to have some pleasant surprises for you.  Anyways, here's a link to the video:

Obviously more information will be coming soon.
Gosh I didn't even think about how cool this would be! If this is a success this would be a major breakthrough for park fans who don't know about this site. Kudos to you, making an app is difficult and takes a ton of hard work.
Been working hard on this project in my free time, here's a quick look at it.

Obviously you can see what this project is, it's a BGW focused trivia app. It uses Game Center, so you'll be able to compete with people all over the world to determine who actually is THE Busch Gardens expert. I'll have some more details in the future, getting close to a point where it's ready for release. One detail I can give you, it will be free.
Thanks, I appreciate it. I've tried to take my time getting every part of the app right before I release it.
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