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Jun 6, 2013
It's been a few years since Colossal Curl and Water Country definitely needs to add something new. Since they received approval of their updated master plan very little has happened. Anyone heard any rumors of a possible 2018 attraction? It'll be 4 years since CC, time for something new! Also lines are still outrageous on busy days, adding more slides will help with that!
WCUSA, historically gets new slides at a slower pace than BGW so it might be another year or so before they announce one. That being said, I believe I recall Collosal Curl was announced in the fall, so it's not impossible.
Maybe they could add virtual realty to something in the nearby future. They wouldn't need it on Vanish Point though. That's close enough to the real experience of drowning.

Seriously though, VR might be cool on a water park ride, but I wonder if it could be made safe. Water rides might be too unpredictable for VR, but they might be able to do something with augmented reality. I could see people going down Hubba Hubba Highway in the nearby future with AR goggles or smartphones pointed at the billboards.
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I have wondered if there might be plans to add something to the area where the show use to be serms like a logical location for a new ride when the times comes.
Pretzel Kaiser said:
There's also the whole thing about water and electronics.

Not if you have an iPhone 7 and up or a few others. Most manufacturers are waterproofing their phones now, and I don't think that will be such a common issue within the coming years.

They are partnered with LG, and they have some water resistant and waterproof phones. That said, developers might be more reluctant to port from certain devices, depending on how easy or difficult it is to do so.
Just because the phone is waterproof doesn't mean the headsets, which often requires additional tech, will be. The 3D also wonks out if both lenses aren't clear, which drops of water could mess up.
I don't mean for the two to be used together. Anyway, I doubt it will happen anytime soon at WCUSA, but I hope they look for new opportunities with modern technology.

Since this whole thread is hypothetical, I would love to see one of those new water coaster slides. There are a few different types out there. Aside from that, water curtain projectors and slide speakers seem like they would be a nice way to re-vamp Aquazoid.

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I think they would have told us if they were building a new ride. That doesn't mean they won't have something new just that it probably won't be a new ride. I could see a new restaurant or an event of some kind but not a new ride.
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