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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
According to BGT's talent search site, a brand new a capella style show is being cast the weekend of Oct 5-6, 2013. The notice looks for a wide range of singing abilities, including human beat-boxers and singers with comedic ability.

This audition (and the show itself) look to be separate from the Christmas Town auditions, so this could be a new show for the regular season. No word yet if it is replacing a current show or will be done as an addition to the current entertainment line up.

If anyone knows anything, feel free to chime in. Or, you can always email/private message me if you wish to remain anonymous with any information you might have.
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Sounds like BGT finally found a replacement for Pirates 4-D. I hope so, because I can't stand seeing that theatre being empty when it's the escape for rainy days. :(
Haven't heard anything on this until today - SOUNDSATIONAL will be opening on Saturday at Marrakesh Theater, and it will be an a capella show. Walls are up across the front of the theater, and they were rehearsing when I walked by early this afternoon. Will have a few pictures up later.
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