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Sure it is a little sad that San Marco might be dark this year but at least the Globe will have something play in there this summer. Light Balance at the Globe is a much better idea than last year.
I'm confused (well, I am all the time but a little more on this subject) do these shows take the place of the Summer Concerts in the Royal Palace? Or is there another lineup forthcoming?
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I was just basing my theory on what my friend told me about a week's worth of very loud pile driving for Finnegan's Flyer. The area behind San Marco is in the RPA, which (I assume) means they'll have to get down a bit to reach bedrock. And there are a lot more footers shown there than I saw for FF. I'm sure they'll try to time loud noise during off hours, but they do have a lot to set in that area. Again, just a theory.

without getting too technical, piles aren't designed to "reach bedrock" they are designed to transfer the load of a structure to competent soil strata, reaching bed rock has nothing to do with the capacity of piles

my point being the distance a pile has to be driven isn't dependent on ground elevation in comparison to bed rock
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