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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
So with the BBW gone I was wondering how much longer Nessie has in the park? It was my first coaster. It's really cramped in the cars and some of those turns are a little neck-cracking, but I love it. *hugs it* Plus with those signature interlocking loops, whatever takes its place has to be just as awesome and special, right? Those loops are practically a symbol of BGW.
I kind of hit this question on the coaster tour. I think the Loch Ness will be here for a very long time.
Nessie is a classic, and a one of a kind (Only interlocking loop coaster with Orient Express gone). Plus I think Nessie was more reliable than BBW. I hear that Arrow/Vekoma suspended coasters have issues, to the stress in tracks, to the loose bolts in the trains. Man, I wish I had the opportunity to ride the Wolf one last time.:(

And on a quick question, were there any other interlocking loop coasters besides Nessie and Orient Express? I know Lightning Loops interlocked but I'm not sure if it counts because they were two seperate shuttle coasters.:p
Nessie was the first and is now the only. The only other was was Orient Express- Lightning Loops didn't count.

Now this is why I believe that Nessie won't be leaving for a very long time.

1. Nessie is by far the most loved coaster in the park. If they announced the removal of Nessie for no good reason*, I can almost assure you that there would be mobs of people [including me] trying to save it as well as an out-cry from the coaster community like we have never seen before.

2. With the refurbishment that it received over the winter, we see that BGW is still willing to put time, money, and work into their oldest coaster.

3. Awards. When it was built, it was the tallest coaster in the world. It was the first with interlocking loops. It is now the only with interlocking loops. Its trains have traveled farther than any other coaster's trains on this planet.

4. It is an ACE Coaster Classic: [That isn't one of those things that every coaster gets]

5. The park has stated that they don't see any better use of the land. Think about it: When Nessie was built, she was built to fit the terrain. Over the years, the park itself has been built around her. Trying to build a different coaster into the area that Nessie would leave would be near impossible.

6. This picture and the thousands of others like it symbolize the park. When you show that picture to anyone in the coaster world, they can instantly tell you what it is. This picture shows the park for what it truly is.
Picture from the RCDB​

*A good reason would be a natural disaster, injury, death, etc.
Death would not be a good enough reason... sacrifices must be made from time to time.
Look at SM: Ride of Steel (now Bizarro). Like 5 people have died on that, ane the only thing that has changed is that the restraints went from lap bars to practically a strait jacket. And the name of course.
Loch Ness kicked my butt yesterday. Maybe I'm out of roller coaster practice. My head was just killing me last night.
Pandora, part of that is new wheels. They haven't conformed to the track yet. During the off season, they completely refurb all the trains for all the coasters, which means new tires. Nora can confirm what she saw during her coaster tour. I'm sure what I saw on the trains last September were probably a lot different from what she saw. Give it a couple of months. Then it'll be smooth as glass, especially with the new paint job.
Chris said:
Death would not be a good enough reason... sacrifices must be made from time to time.


Speaking of which, I've got the young virgin for Griffon all ready.
Also, it was the World's Tallest Complete Circuit Roller Coaster 1978 - 1983. 5yrs is a long time to boast such a record. No other coaster at BGW has held such a record.

It would be absolutely ridiculous for a park to close such an amazing classic.
If they took away Nessie, I don't think I'd make an effort to drive down to Virginia to visit BGW ever again.
My question is if they put all that money into refabing it, why couldnt they take the time to get the cave working again? i used to love the growling and lights that went on inside of it! i was disapointed to see it go! also i could never get my dad to beleive they were ever in there...
Check out the, "Nessie's Loops" thread. There is a promo video for the ride and has clips of the stuff inside of it
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