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Dec 23, 2011
With recent discussion appearing, I feel like it belongs in it's own place. A place where we can discuss the differences between being Negative, Positive, Constructive Criticism, and Compliant.

I see myself as providing constructive criticism with a positive attitude towards the future. After all, how can I know I don't like something if it hasn't even happened yet.
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Well it would help not to flood the HOS 2013 thread with posts that are more opinion based than event based.
again, PR, sarcasm. I was making a joke...I think it's a bad idea but I love it...exactly what's being bitched about over on the other thread.
PK: From my perspective I have said what I wanted to say on this topic. I do not think I am going to achieve anything by continuing to harp on the issue. You generally can't change someone's mind by subjecting them to endless monologues, and you certainly don't change behavior by nagging.

I put my perspectives and concerns out there and am (hopefully) done with the issue.

Cody: You are trouble with a capital "T!"
Despite it being a joke, I was actually trying to make it clear the purpose of this thread, I didn't want people thinking it was a random thread :p

But it's all good.
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This has been discussed about 200 times over the last four years with plenty of threads dedicated to the topic. If the discussion relates to Howl-O-Scream (which it does right now), it belongs in the Howl-O-Scream thread. Closed.
Not open for further replies.
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