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May 6, 2014
Hampton, VA USA
Earlier this month on a 90+ degree day I had a surprise visit with a NASA astronaut (really just a NASA employee in a suit, I presume) at BGW.  Who can name exactly where this photo was taken? :D  It was so hot, the poor guy only lasted a short time.  Luckily I had just enough time for this selfie.  

Clue #1: In the reflection you can see he is reaching for my bier!


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Honestly, I have no clue. It is one of those smaller events that just gets wiped under the carpet and not really advertised except on the day of.
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I happened upon it last year by pure luck and it was neat. I would love to do this kind of thing at the park, but marketing refuses to a advertise properly.
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Party Rocker nailed it: the entrance to Das Festhaus. The first thing I noticed: NASA trivia signs set up at various locations in the park. NASA also had a table with employees and free swag in front of the Festhaus in Octoberfest. I happened upon it on May 9th. Maybe it is a spring break thing for the school age visitors?
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Wow, they really should advertise that. I would have made an effort to be there that day. If I remember right last year on Fridays school groups would be at the park doing those physics and math problems as they relate to a theme park (basically an awesome excuse to do some schoolwork for a little while then ride rides all day). I wonder if the NASA day relates to this?
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I went to Physics Day back in the dark ages. I don't know what any other school did. The park gave us physics problems about the rides to solve. We ignored them and played all day.

My teacher was a coster junkie and didn't care about the problems either.

I rode Nessie for the first time that trip.
I also wish I knew about NASA day. Just a Facebook post or something. That pic with the dude in the space suit is awesome. NASA Langley do some cool stuff. If they can have an airport ride then can they have a spaceport ride?
NASA Day typically happens in springtime when band trip season is in full force (early May is my educated guess). It's a very cool little event the park holds, but it usually happens on a busy weekend because of competitions in the park.

I scored a few stickers and bookmarks from the NASA exhibits back in 2011-2012. I still have 'em too.
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Some photo's of the event. I don't believe I photographed all the Facts but then again they are most likely the same.


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This event was originally scheduled for 8/2 and 8/3, but was postponed due to a weather forecast calling for rain.  I am a mentor for a NASA sponsored high school robotics team, and our team will be participating.  We were at BGW two years ago for the NASA demo, and had a wonderful time.


Last year the event was canceled due to budget issues both at NASA and BGW.  Since the first demo, I've become friends with a number of folks in the fan and performer community, so I've been looking forward to this event as a chance to show off a little.  Unfortunately, the original date fell on a weekend with a previous family commitment, so I was going to miss it.  I was thrilled with the postponement, as I am now able to participate.  So, come see our booth this weekend.  We'll be set up near the entrance of the Festhaus (I've heard we'll be on the right side), and will be demonstrating our competition robot from 2014.  Also, any pictures and/or video would be greatly appreciated.  
Todd F.

All NASA-badged civil servants, contractors and students can enjoy discount admission during NASA Days at Busch Gardens. Present your employee identification badge on Saturday, Aug. 9 and Sunday, Aug. 10 at any main gate ticket window to purchase admission tickets for $54 per person.*

During your visit to the park, stop by the NASA exhibit tents near Das Festhaus. Exhibits will include displays related to Orion, Mars Science Laboratory, International Space Station, Living and Working in Space, SAGE III, Rockets to Racecars, Education, Game Changing Technology and Robotics. Other exhibits and demos include Spacey Casey, UV Bracelets, Stargazing, and a scavenger hunt with NASA related facts.

*Single day admission for badge holder and five (5) additional guests — ages 3 and above.  Rate valid on Aug. 9 - 10, 2014. Must bring employee ID to receive special rate.
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