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Has it been covered that Nacht Tower seem to be missing the signage warning you may get dropped?
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Found it... :shocked:




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    Signage - Nach Tower.JPG
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Where is this located? Wasn't there a sign right at the entrance or is my mind fooling me?
Evan said:
Have they ever had to drop them at all since they started doing observation mode?

I think they have a handful of times. Not many, but it has happened.
Well on Saturday it was open in observation mode. It's a really great ride when you get to see the whole park in the air for so long. Though I have to admit, when we got to the top I was waiting for it to drop us.
We rode it yesterday and it was playing Christmas music all the way up and all the way down.

It took our minds off the pouring rain and the nasty wind coming off the James, once we cleared the treeline the wind was brutal, but only on that one side of the rotation.....:p but I had to have video of the park from the tower.... As my wife keeps telling me:D (she hates being cold, but she strapped in so it's not my fault right?:angel:)
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I have to be honest, I can't imagine getting on that thing in any kind of precipitation or wind. Between the nature of the ride and fact that breaks down all of the time, I would rather stay on the ground.
The 2021 description from BGW’s site:

Get a Santa-eye view of more than ten million twinkling lights. Unlike the rest of the year, Mäch Tower does not drop at Christmas Town and instead offers a slow descent for guests to enjoy the scenery.
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