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May 3, 2011
Richmond, Va
Dollywood is doing more than just re-tracking Lightning Rod, but apparently reprofiling Mystery Mine. If I remember correctly, they briefly mentioned something would be happening to MM when they announced Lightning Rod's re-tracking. It looks like the steep drop that is located after the first block brake (brake run immediately after first lift) is being relocated and the overbank turn is being removed all together. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that the drop caused some whiplash -which won't be missed. Interesting change to the ride for sure. While the drop was on the more intense side- I did kind of enjoy the overbank turn.

Mystery Mine; Block brake exit changed to rotate to the right leading into the dropMystery Mine; new mini drop while eliminating overbank turn
Source: Dollywood's Blog


Sep 23, 2009
I'm really sad to see that drop out of the midcourse vanish. I remember it being one of the stronger parts of the ride for me.

I honestly find the majority of Mystery Mine pretty uncomfortable, but really still value the coaster for its wacky, janky, often uncomfortable but also quite uncommon forces. In that regard, I think the segment they're removing really is quite a loss. ?
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