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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia

Buckle up for a lawsuit contending that music used at a Universal theme park roller coaster is a breach of a labor agreement.

Fox's The Simpsons is in its 24th season, a remarkable achievement in itself, but one that's even more incredible because the show has experienced its run until now without major litigation. As Homer Simpson and company face the inevitable end, whenever that might be, the good-luck streak could be over.

Last week, the American Federation of Musicians sued 20th Century Fox and NBC Universal over music from The Simpsons.

Specifically, the union is objecting to a Simpsons roller coaster attraction at Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood that has been featuring the recorded music soundtrack from the show. The plaintiff union filed the lawsuit in California federal court, alleging that Universal obtained the recording without providing any notice.

More to read with the link (ignore the stuff in red). But I find it interesting that two lawsuits have been filed against major theme parks within such a short amount of time. I wonder when Six Flags, Cedar Fair, and Merlin are going to get nailed now...
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